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  1. Would dead eye help here? It's hard for me to find stuff in shrubs because it kind of blends in
  2. Oh crap. There was a map beside it?? I couldn't find anything. I'll go back to that really creepy area..
  3. 4k is quite an improvement over 1080p. I'm sure people said the same thing when 1080 vs 720 was happening. It's better and plus you're playing a game for a long time, you want it to look good.
  4. Hey, I was between valentine and the camp and below a bridge there was a hanging corpse. Mutilated to the extreme with only a torso and both arms. There was some writing next to it. Anybody seen this and have an idea as to what it is? Is this the psychopath side mission? I'm pretty early in the game so I haven't gotten to that part yet.
  5. I think you only lose money when you get killed by da law. Or bounty hunters
  6. I thought the point of a bandana is to hide your face ? Does this not prevent you from getting your bounty increased?
  7. I'm confused. I got the bear through the Hosea mission. Then i was set upon by bounty hunters and I died. So my pelt was lost . Or the game said something like I lost my pelt or to sell it to a trapper. So I went to the trapper and I was able to make the bear head and apparently I have 2 extra pelts left. Did I keep my pelts after dying?
  8. You're welcome! I think my experience is the same. I get to go through these forums and play the game. The whole experience the game and share it with others who are also playing for the first time is certainly making it more fun. Also I haven't seen this elsewhere but when you are deep in the menus looking at stats, hold B (Xbox) O (PS) to completely back out without having to press back through each menu.
  9. Yeah your horse is dead. If you had some revive tonic, you could've revived him. Not sure if that's possible now. For a new horse go to the stables in valentine once you reach that point.
  10. I think you can only store guns and clothing. I might be wrong here, but I haven't found a way to put like meat or anything like that on mine.
  11. I'd recommend doing those initial missions in valentine. The crafting and hunting mission with Hosea is good for intro into it. Hunting is pretty essential I'd say for keeping the camp happy with donations and for your own crafting. The mission with uncle is also nice to because it intos you into the world. After that I'd say go into town and do some side missions so you can understand the whole survival factors of the game. Enjoy! You only get to play a game fresh once , so take your time.
  12. Only in the intro so far, but loving every detail. Especially how when you step outside, Arthur starts to shiver and grimace as he gets the brunt of the cold. The game looks stunning and I love how movement is fluid as the cutscenes.
  13. You've never talked to anyone in the game? If you're LT circle on the screen fills up then it's not your controller that's the issue . Maybe the patch wasn't downloaded?
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