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  1. It was the first time for me too. Rockstar replied saying they couldn’t prove it. So I lose out on items I bought. I had over 120 plus day streak I ended (I know it’s not a great streak), and sadly won’t be going back for the time being. Take care everyone.
  2. Has anyone encountered items missing from their inventory? I had purchased two bounty hunter eye patches and balloonist goggles a couple months ago. I check today and they are gone. I check madam nazar and it’s like I didn’t purchase them. Very frustrated with this.
  3. My brother and I ran into a horse killer recently. The dude showed up and waved at us. While my brother was putting a carcass on his horse, the guy blew up his horse. Didn’t attack either of us and fled. I followed and finally caught up. He killed me once, but I ended up getting him. Second idiot was a guy who attacked me right when I got done with the butcher.m at Valentine. When I went back to get him...he logged off. Running into too many idiots lately.
  4. Landed in a solo lobby yesterday doing a stranger mission. Was really nice. 2nd one in the past couple of days, other was a bootleg mission which oddly restarted and put my brother and I in a solo lobby.
  5. Do you mean collectibles or something else?
  6. Great name! Hell. On wheels? i was on ps4 and had a few knuckleheads as well. I moved to X-Box to team with my brother. After getting killed by someone with a carcano while in camp, I’ve become really defensive there.
  7. 😂 Fire arrows...I like that idea!
  8. I had given them multiple warning shots prior. It was a waste of arrows in hindsight. Sadly it seemed the more warning shots , the more obnoxious they were. I’ve noticed a lot of low levels attacking people on Xbox lately. Happened to me brother multiple times. I appreciate the input!
  9. I feel kinda bad. I had two people level 15 and below come into my camp. They proceeded with taunts and the usual. I waved and was nice but it kept going. So I fired a few warning shots. When that didn’t work, I lowered my flag and shot both with dynamite arrows. I may have been a bit harsh, but was getting annoyed.
  10. How does one snipe somebody in their camp? I am in the Xbox and got killed and they killed my horse. Then when I respawned they weren’t even on the player list.
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