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  1. Someone on Reddit said they got this issue fixed, you have to keep sending tickets to Rockstar and asking them to remove the glitched license. Good luck, I'm in the same boat with you trying to get them to remove it.
  2. As silly as it might seem, it's actually somewhat historically accurate. The game is set in 1899, the same year that a very unusual snowy weather event occurred, referred to as the Great Blizzard of 1899. Snowfall in New Orleans (what Saint Denis is based on) reached 3.8 inches (9.7 cm) with strong winds and temperatures below 10 °F (−12 °C). The Wikipedia article I read about it even goes on to include how the entire country was below freezing basically (desert areas included) and how animal populations were decimated by it. It's historically accurate in a lot of ways, even if it is unintentional. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Blizzard_of_1899
  3. Sorry, I didn't realize you had a single-player save and just assumed you were on RDO which is all saved on their servers. Instead, open your Rockstar launcher, go to settings, click Red Dead then click "delete local profiles". Rockstar does backup your saves on the cloud if you have it on and I would keep them there too because sometimes it is absolutely necessary to clear these local files. They get messed up a lot, would suck to accidentally delete a single-player save. You could manually backup the save then put it back, it's in C:\Users\\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Profiles.
  4. Sorry to ruin your fun but the horses are "equalized" in stats when you enter the race. They're all the same speed. I enjoy that you're having so much fun with it though. The difference in speed in Free Roam is minimal though, some people have tested the differences between the Scawny Nag vs. a horse at top speed, the difference is only about 6% and you'll only save 30 seconds or so if you're running across the map with the fastest horse in the game (assuming that you have never-ending stamina.)
  5. If it was working at one point, maybe clearing your cache could help. Go into documents and delete the whole "Rockstar Games" folder which has all of your local files in it. I'm curious how you've been living with this issue for one month btw, have you asked Rockstar? They probably could have offered troubleshooting advice to you.
  6. I think you're having bad luck here for some reason. What platform are you playing on?
  7. UDP *:* [RDR2.exe] This is the port that should be working for you to have matchmaking work. I would check it in the "Resource Monitor" for windows 10 and tell me if it says "Not Allowed, not restricted" on port 6672. It should say "allowed, not restricted" if it's working as intended. If not, you need to fix it on your own router or firewall. If it is working, I think there's something going on with your Internet that is making people get dropped for your lobbies and I would ask your ISP what is wrong. Just check router first because this is the most common cause of blocked ports.
  8. I just mentioned how to fix it. Just read one post up. It's a hassle but it's a simple workaround without altering anything.
  9. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but just changing lobbies or loading into one (no matter how full it is) will force animals to spawn around you. I realize changing lobbies isn't so easy right now, but just a tidbit of information here if Rockstar manages to fix loading screen issues. This method can often be used to sit on top of a spawn point for certain animals (that might be needed for dailies) to force them to spawn. I recall doing this one time when I was having a lot of trouble finding spoonbills before the patch.
  10. Has nothing to do with your hardware. It's just Rockstar's servers. They've been having a lot of issues since the last patch, as I'm sure you know. You could potentially solve this by choosing to block Rockstar's ports. It will prevent other players from reaching your lobby and will let you set up camp normally, you have to be in a solo session first before blocking the ports. You could also empty out your lobby with in-game methods temporarily, certain missions and using change appearance will force you into one temporarily. I often used temporarily solo lobbies to perform deliveries with moonshiner because I was just having way too many issues with it loading. Getting rid of every other player solved my problem.
  11. First off, sounds like heaven. You should be happy about it. Solution: While in-game in your empty lobby, type netstat -a -b into your command prompt and wait for Rockstar's UDP ports to pop up or use Resource Monitor on Windows 10 to confirm that Rockstar is indeed attempting to listen with port 6672. If you cannot see the port or it says "Not allowed, unrestricted access" (or something like that), then something on your computer is blocking their port that is required for matchmaking. Go into windows firewall and create a new rule that allows listening for port 6672. You can just disable all of Windows Firewall temporarily to see if that is the problem. Check your router too, go into the admin panel and make sure that port 6672 is capable of listening and is allowed. Another idea here is just that your Internet is so bad that Rockstar feels like you cannot maintain connection to other players, in that case, they will intentionally put you in a solo lobby to solve the issue. You can call your router's company and ask for support on this or check your router's manual online, they can likely point you to creating a new rule on your router to let Rockstar's ports through. If your router is owned by your ISP (such as a rented router), your ISP should be able to assist you on ports being unintentionally blocked.
  12. Like I said, you have to enter and exit out of any pvp series first due to the infinite load. Enter and exit, then go into online options and use change appearance. Then exit, you'll be in a temporary solo lobby. Set up your camp quickly before Rockstar matches you with other players, it will stay up where you intended it to go.
  13. This issue has to do with lobby size. Rockstar current version of RDO lacks the capability to tell you that camp slots are full (sometimes.) They attempted to fix this with the last patch but it didn't quite work. Unfortunately, the way RDO handles communication between you and other players, a lot of latency issues can happen as your lobby starts to fill up. Especially with things like the camp and moonshine shack. Basically, you are screwed unless you can find a way to shrink your lobby, there are multiple ways to do that such as just entering and exiting out of the change appearance menu. Due to infinite loading screens with change appearance, you'll have to enter and exit out of the pvp series first then go to your online options and use change appearance then exit. Then put your camp up. Total hassle but it is a solution if you just can't find a smaller lobby.
  14. This isn't quite true. Mods are currently undetected by Rockstar, which has been stated by the creators of the ModMenus themselves. The issue here is that OP accidentally did something to set off a flag, there's a number of ways to do this but one very easy way to do this is to spam selling items to any NPC that buys them. It doesn't happen often but Rockstar can decide that you were using a macro potentially exploit a certain bug and decide to ban you. This flag is generally set off if you attempt to spam "donate carcasses" at camp. If you're someone with any latency issues, it gets even easier to set this flag off. I'm also not sure if this has happened yet, and this is exactly why I recommend playing in solo lobbies and blocking Rockstar's ports, but there are ModMenus available currently like GTAO where a modder can use "your name" to blame on for their own actions. They can blow up an entire lobby and it will display your name as the person who is doing it, the game will even act like you did it by giving you exp for killing them. It's really not all that hard to get innocently banned in this game, you just have to be unlucky basically and run into someone who feels like using a "frame mod" on you. I included a screenshot of the current mod available that can frame you. Note: this specific modmenu was created after OP got banned and is likely not the cause of his ban (unless someone privately had the mod before that, which is possible)
  15. Your issue has to do with receiving a glitched license from Twitch Prime benefits that came in your mailbox. The only solution is to create a ticket with Rockstar and ask them for help. You might have to make several tickets if they send auto-responses and keep asking them to fix it. They have to access your account and remove the glitched license (based on your report, it sounds like you already had a normal license.) For people who didn't own a license previously, Rockstar is still working on a solution. It has been happening for slightly under two weeks for many people including me. Here's the last response they gave me a couple of days ago.
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