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  1. I always play nice and I'm never the first to draw my weapons. Had somebody run me over on their horse just as I spawned, aimed for me - he then went red to so I took him out, his friend sniped me and I spawn back in the same place near my camp. I parley'd so I didn't get any grief at my camp and they started hunting right next to me... just after skinning a bison he was putting it on his horse with his two friends next to him. I gave them a gift of a stick of dynamite under the horse. BOOM! Hahaha, as I didn't kill them directly the parley was still in place so when they returned to my camp I just waved at them while bullets were wizzing past my head So funny,
  2. I would imagine that's why the majority of interweb detritus isn't here. Which is a good thing.
  3. I wondered is this an official RDR2 forum? I never thought to ask, not sure how I got here originally.
  4. I'll go and have a look for it. I found the camp up near Hagen where you stay initially in the single player game. I might have to give the single player a bit more time, I didn't get pats that point.
  5. I left him dead. You can't access the trader or Outfitters. But to be honest the peace and quiet outweighed that inconvenience. He just appeared later when I logged back in.
  6. What, where... really - never seen this. Tell me... Mine is a melee focused build with duel wield sawn off shotgun with explosive ammo, high health yield on damage and always run with a belly full of stew so gold cores all day long. You jump me and you'll be stitching up your ass on the way back to your camp.
  7. There's always hope, but it does rely on the quality and intelligence of members. Kean_1 comes across as someone who 'walks softly but carries a big stick'.
  8. Aye, it would. I did sit at somebodies camp after doing a little jig and donating a chicken... He proceeded to pick up and throw the chicken at me again and again until I figured he didn't want me there. So I left... not first without making some dynamite stew. It went down with a bang; but the dog didn't digest it very well
  9. Shadow Tech - Streaming. Won't be buying another laptop. Last one I bought was a Gigabyte Areo 14. Fans can get a bit loud, but it's a great machine for gaming. Also using the beta version of GeForece Now which is also good as you grab the games form a library. Can't play any Rockstar games via GFN though. Which is a shame. If you are interested in using Shadow, I have a referral code which gets you £10 off your first month so you can try it out. DARSAIFS Also, knocks some bucks off my subscription if used so thanks in advance if you do. Cheers.
  10. Buy a new Horse? Finish off the coin collection? Invite a load of randoms to my bar and get drunk with the band? See if I can fill up my hunting truck so it overflows with Alligator Turtles? Jump from the top of Hagen? Try and find that Giezer I passed the other day? Go lockbox looting? Maybe buy some shoes..? For now, just chillin' listening to the wind.
  11. Shot 5 x 3 star bison all in a row as they were running away. Actually got an award. Who says you can't ram more in your Hunting Wagon once it's full? I had so many pelts and animals floating about the sides started falling off.
  12. I hear you Faelwolf. IRC, damn. I think to this day it's probably one of the only applications I actually paid for the lifetime license. It was all underground then, before Napster, everything was good... no phishing, ransomware, nobody really exploiting anybody they could for money. It's was a busy, hectic world, unseen. ~K33PiN.iT.FR33~ Used to run a couple of release racing boards back in the day. EQUiNOX & HeVeN Rocking on 50 next year so I know what you mean about old age, although compared to our peers I still think we are younger at heart due to the development and change we been through with tech. I'm sure it will be the same for the next few gens after us, it's why gaming is such a lucrative business. Not sure I like the way the beta releases have slowly become the norm for games though. What ever happened to a final release and plenty of QA? don't get me wrong, I was a bit fan of RUST and others that never came out of BETA, and I kind of like the fact that ongoing development beings new elements to the game as you go along, but isn't that what DLC's are for. Just seems companies are so keen to get releases out now they pick up the pieces after the fact and create dire environments for their client base to just moan and complain, demand refunds etc... it's this greed to a certain degree that has polluted communities and reduced them to troll havens.
  13. I always have a decent stew cooking, and to be honest other players are welcome to it. I agree, if the flag is down we should be able to loot the lockbox - only if you have a lockpick - and take consumables and ammo. If it's available you can fill up on all your ammo.
  14. What the hoof??? Now that's a game changer. ~Sarcasm, the lowest form of humor. "/
  15. As another old dog on the net I get where you are coming from. From the old VBulletin boards where communities really grew and great friends were made have turned into pits of random despair. Bear in mind most kids now go to Discord for support and rarely type more than 3 letter responses. I kind of like the fact that this forum is relatively quiet bearing in mind it's the first port of call for a AAA title. The gaming world and online communities have changed a lot over the years. But s you said it's always nice to find a place where the community is pretty decent, understanding and willing to help. That's all its about. If you're looking from some players to run with let me know. We use TeamSpeak for comms and are relentless night owls. ~Peace. Boot.
  16. The names Smith, Boot Smith. If my hatchet doesn't get you I'll follow it up with four slugs from my dual wield sawn-offs. You will die. And then I'll eat your horse. ~Boots the name, bare foot is the game.
  17. Don't be selfish, when eating your stew give some to the dog and he'll wander over and piss on Cripps leg.
  18. So when your flag goes down OR you come across a camp that has it's flag down - what can you do apart from steal their beer and shoot Cripps in the face and throw him on the fire?
  19. The Aces Of Ruin - are looking for some active Posse members.  We use Team Speak and are on from 8pm ish to around 2pm most nights.


  20. I've stopped doing those, waste of Ammo, unless you want XP or some looting. Has no effect as far as I can tell on Mash price. Pus, doing a bootlegger and one mission used to get it down to $10 but I can't get it lower than $20 now I have the Copper Still.
  21. I've given up on eggs and flowers, just such a pain in the ass to complete for the return.
  22. They are starting new subs in Feb. £26 p/m
  23. I think I remember reading this was going to be an option. There's a lot that could improve. Cripps and his never ending packing up camp is one thing.
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