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  1. My wife began playing Red Dead on my account over a year ago on the PS4. We've now gone ahead and purchased a second game system, disc, and PS+ account and want to be able to play together. She'd like to start using the second account for herself and have me take over mine (for reason) but I feel bad for her to lose EVERYTHING she's acquired over the year+ of playing. She's collected a lot of gear that is now unobtainable (Outlaw Pass, Seasonal, etc). Is there a way to transfer her character from my Playstation+ account to the new one we just began? I have my doubts, because I'm sure it could be abused and people could sell accounts and what-not, but was curious. Thanks, folks
  2. MissFortune...I think it explains it all. You know. Bad Luck. I thought it fitting. I am really loving this game. I use to do a ton of riding and it reminds me of that time. The movement of the horses and the riders is so realistic. I dont realize how long I play sometimes. So when the yearly report come from PS and told my Husband that I had spent 400 hrs playing RDR2 he about choked! Then he and his gaming buddies at work had a good laugh over it. OOPS.
  3. I dont think they can figure out how to get us women characters into the bathing tubs and appropriately covered with bubbles without giving a good show to a male player so they just dont have the bathing option online.
  4. I have never had multiple Cripps but I have had multiples of my horse. I call my horse, it comes but I cant interact with it so I call it and a 2nd one comes! Sometimes I still cant interact with it and a 3rd one comes.
  5. Has anyone else had trouble with the parley function and the white flag in camp today. I have a group come into my camp and start sooting stuff up. No big deal, but when they left camp and sniped me from outside of camp they were able to shoot me and my horse. When I choose to Parley with them and continue their juvenile behavior they came after me again, shot me again and made sure to make comment about the fact that Parley is not working. Is ANYTHING working. Most times I cant get my camp to spawn, the animals wont spawn and half the time when I start a mission it glitches and something goes wrong. But behavior like this is just the rotten icing on the cake!
  6. I didnt have any problem till the holiday and now I am getting booted regularly. It is very aggravating. I will try Thanks for the trouble shooting and technical issues sub forum suggestion..
  7. I have had nearly 2 full days where I have been unable to pitch a camp. My primary job is trader and since I am unable to get to my camp I am unable to get supplies to Cripps. On top of that every time I do seem to get a camp to open on the map I will ride there with my skins and when I get there the map is gone and usually the game boots me when I get to the nonexistent camp. I love this game but it is getting very aggravating. I realized recently that once you get a full collection you can send it to madam Nazar through the mail. It would be really nice if you could send supplies and skins to Cripps the same way. In the main game you could send carcasses to the collector why not now? At least then you could keep production moving.
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