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  1. I don't know if this is legit or not but I heard there will be an option to sell your own goods in your camp eventually. Like other players can enter your camp in a passive mode and actually by stuff from a vendor that you personally stock. Maybe that is why this isn't an option?
  2. I was hoping for a full blown stroke like you see in cartoons or movies where the person starts seeing things. Would be cool to get attacked by people and animals that aren't really there.
  3. Did anyone notice any patterns others are using to trap players and then kill them? A friend of mine said that there is some group that will do really stupid things to get other players to notice them and soon as they let their guard down, they gun for them. I don't know if this is an actual thing. Like for players to actually plan ways to kill other players by using some kind of trap system or what. He wanted me to ask.
  4. I tend to do this just to avoid the possibility of the player I killed getting his gang involved. I can take on one or two guys but three or more and I am f'd in the a.
  5. I think it depends on their weight and what they are wearing more than their level. I could be wrong but that seems to be the most realistic scenario here.
  6. I was wondering why I couldn't get it to work with a tie. I thought cause it worked with a bandana it was cool to wear it with other items.
  7. I was wondering about this. Maybe something like this is in the game and I never noticed but based on their angle of going for more realistic weather and such settings, I would have thought that heat stroke would have been a thing. Like if you spend time out in the desert at the hottest point of the day and don't drink, you get delirious.
  8. A buddy of mine did the GTA online mission for it and it never showed for him. Contacted Rockstar, twice... Never got a response.
  9. I mostly use race horses online. They may be able to be taken down easier but it helps to have the upper hand with outrunning gangs of trolls. I do like my fox trotter but I think the girl is a bit slow in the head.
  10. I never joined an official forum for any game ever. There are a lot of issues people run into on them that have been mentioned... Players expecting devs to respond to everything, the pressure for mods and admins to keep themselves in check (dealing with cry babies and trolls). It is a lot of work to run a forum that is active.
  11. A little stumble or a clean short beard game is tight but the full-blown bird nest... I will never understand the appeal for the men who sport that or the women who like it.
  12. I was wondering about this myself. It has been some time since I played single player and I hopped on the other day (I think it was Tuesday) to find that the guns and aim seemed off. I was going to contact Rockstar about it but I figured they changed something for the online end and it happened to affect offline maybe, who knows.
  13. What is funny about this is my buddy who was pissed about there not being any hookers said "well at least we have bathing bitches" lol This was true of the time as well though. If you watched Deadwood, you would see it.
  14. I got confused with this as well. Like mentioned, just make sure nothing is in the way of you and your horse. I have had these little minor glitches with other things throughout the game where something small would somehow be in the way.
  15. I never heard of anyone getting that much. I ended the game with like $5,200 I think it was. I guess if you sell a lot of stuff and don't waste ammo or anything, it is possible to have a lot more.
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