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  1. Yep ... I have been trying to look at the humorous side and maintain a good attitude ... but today ... I was doing a moonshine delivery and sure enough ... while trying to navigate carefully etc ... the wagon was dragged off ... I was thrown off and when I searched for the wagon on the map ... it showed up in Saint Denis (my delivery was enroute to McFarland ranch). My replay showed a blue blip next to the wagon when it happened but it didn't show a player name. I had $40k money .. 275 gold I think ... and was level 170 something ... but you know ... it has been fun. Before I deleted I tried to think why I was so mad and I guess it was simply the money. I lost a $200+ delivery ... plus I had a $60 mix fee and time tired up ... When this used to happen on bounties it wasn't such a big deal because that pays peanuts anyhow ... It was only irritating because I was trying to get to level 20 .. Now that all roles have been maxed I don't even bother with bounties anymore. I haven't been on Fortnite since I started playing RDR2 and have missed all the recent changes ... I need to go do something else for a while and actually ... getting the 120g disk space back is a biggie.
  2. I have been getting used to being blown up and such ... but ... today was actually entertaining. I was on a supply run and they dropped lions on me!! The video is crude in 720 but very sharp on 1080 ... ??!? Don't know what's going on there ... this was my first youtube upload. At the beginning you can see what looks like part of a cage appearing ... and then the lions drop out of the sky. Ultimately ... after the lions were delt with they dropped a grizzly bear to finish me off ... (not in the video). 😄 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meMvx-7i7bg&feature=youtu.be
  3. TLTerrell

    C++ 2017 missing

    IMHO ... you need to run "windows update" ... to get Microsoft C++ ... You also need to make sure you have checked "Receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows" ... under "advanced options" or such ... in there somewhere.
  4. As of today ... Level 158 / 208 gold / $28,000 cash ... I have maxed out all the "roles" but recently have only been doing trader; moonshiner and any "on the road" things that pop up. Trader/moonshiner deliveries bring in $1k per day. I usually don't even do re-supply runs anymore .... just pay the $20 ... don't do moonshiner tasks either (usually) unless it is encountered on the road (red alert thingies). I have noticed some "new" things showing up i have not seen before ... Just a few days ago I rescued a guy from some outlaws and he had a revolver ... he jumped on the back of my horse and fired at the outlaws as they chased us (I noticed that he knocked a couple of them off their horses too). One moonshiner task I "did" do consisted of picking up a guy at the Blackwater saloon ... but instead of simply walking him to camp ... had to throw him on the back of my horse and deliver him to a house in Manzanita ... go inside and drop him in bed. It looks like some other things have been improved/fixed as well ... Just the last day or so I noticed that when I go to "stables" to select a horse or vehicle ... there is now a "dismount" selection. It appears this can be used to empty your bounty wagon if needed. In the past if you had bodies in there and you ran out of time (on the bounty) you couldn't get them out ... had to crash the wagon ... I guess now you just use the "dismount" selection to dump them out. "Tom Dooley" ... that is a good idea ... to invite other players as delivery guards ... They could make some bucks off those $500 trader deliveries. I need to start doing that ... thanks ...
  5. Looks like the 3GB video ... i was watching a youtube below (similar spec system) and you can see the CPU is coasting while the GPU is pedal to the metal. But ... look at this one (YT video) ... the guy shows all his video settings and it looks pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBfojqsK3lg
  6. It looks like you happened upon an NPC raid of "someone else's trader camp. The shiny bag of stuff was "trading" supplies that Cripps needs to process hides and such. I have had my camp raided before while I was gone and came back to find Cripps dead .. (cost me $4 to revive him). I have also been there when they raided. You can't pick up the supply bag ... I have seen messages pop up on screen sometimes informing me my camp was raided but nothing was stolen ... or have my camp dog show up and bark at me .. telling me to return to camp because it was being raided.
  7. Noticed this too the last couple of days. I first noticed it when I killed three wolves on the road ... The first skin disappeared but the other two stored on the horse. I thought I dropped it somewhere and looked around for a while ... figured I did something wrong w/ the keyboard. Then it happened again with wolves and everytime with pigs/boars. I purposely ... immediately killed and skinned a deer to see what would happen and that stored OK. I have been wearing an outfit w/ a sombrero the last couple of days and got into a fight in Blackwater with an NPC near the butcher table ... When the fight was over I looked all over the place for the sombrero and it was no where to be found ... (just got another off the horse) ...
  8. +1 Yeah ... I always run right back to the shack after a delivery to start a new batch and have been noticing this a lot. I have found that if I go into the bar there are no people there either ... just the band. I go over and start the band and draw a drink from one of the barrels ... and everyone appears ... dancing to the music. I go through the doors and Marcel is there to start my new order.
  9. I had this going on a couple of weeks ago and it turned out to be an NVIDIA GeForce Experience update. A new update came the next day and the problem disappeared. Now that I'm looking at the date of your post I suspect your problem might be resolved too.
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