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  1. I am no expert but in my experience playing so far. I was able to store 4 horse in 1 stable that no matter what town I went in those same 4 we're in the stable... U are able to have one horse at camp or litterly following u around. I could ride one horse with the other one responding to my whistle and following me.
  2. Bought a ticket early on to go to saint Denise from Valentine.. get there and thought let me go to the tailor. As soon as i opened the door a man came out and pickpocketed me. I ran after him but lost him real quick. I remember getting so mad cause I had thought he stole all my money. But he didn't thank God. It felt so real though I came to a big city and got taken for a sucker.
  3. Great thanks. Was hoping for like 65 lol
  4. I am hoping they have a big player counts per world so that when u come in your able to start at one of the big town's and can either go in your way and free roam or become part of the town in the sort of way where it would become your town. work in the general store for a wage or own it out right. Smae goes for the other businesses. Obviously you would have people starting there posse and going from town to town trying to cause mayhem but u would have player within town's that out there own and would protect maybe with some npc help from town folk. Just my two cents worth. I also had a thought of a battle Royale mode for online.. pvp with the circle getting smaller like other games ,but in the final circle whatever remaining players left can not kill each other but instead have to defend the final circle against massive attack from Indians until final person that is dead wins. Never mind about above two post of mine.. I guess player count for online would be up to 35.. not really big enough for two above post. Oh well
  5. What did u name it? Mine was a female that took forever to get. Spent a good 3hrs getting her. She threw me off 5times with the last time killing herself. Had to leave come back and find another one threw me off once and second try takes her. Brought her right to the stables and named her Elsa.
  6. Does anyone at least know what the player count would be per game? I thought it was mentioned before but can not find the confirmed info.
  7. I heard this is the best horse u can get. I named her Elsa. U have to get up by Lake Isabella up north.
  8. I have 5 The original horse u get Tennsee walker which I can't seem to part with...lol amazing how u get attached. I have the two extra content Racehorse named Secretria Warhorse named Lucky strikes Arabian white named Elsa And a Hungarian horse not named at the base camp.
  9. I don't mind it too much but damn the fines for the story mission is way too steep. I still have not been able to pay that $300 bounty. I paid a bunch of small fines in various parts.
  10. Yeah kind of let down I can't have sex in the brothels... I am hoping they put it in for online. It would have been nice to date/romance some of the npc women if someone should choose too. Or at the very least a tugjob while getting wash.. hell all the scenes and animations are already there... No taking away from anything else.. it's an amazing game and it already has me neglecting my wife and work..lol
  11. I have done the missions on GTA already . Just figure they would pop up in the catalog but I hardly see any melee weapons at all in the catalog.
  12. I liked the G.I.Joe character Wildbill as a kid and 33 was my favorite number but it was taken so I went with Wildbill336. So many years ago and now with this game online I have a perfect cowboy gamertag....lol
  13. Sorry wish I new how to circle it but u see how the lake sticks out to the left. Right above that is the area I found her in (twice). Good luck
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