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  1. Using you own quote, no, you dont actually explain how this works, just how it should look. Do we press the button 1 time to advance to every part of the sequence? Do we hold the button down to start going up through the sequence? Do we keep pressing the button until we get to the final sequence? walk-->trot-->run-->full sprint From your perspective, this probably makes perfect sense but to those of us not familiar with it or how you are achieving each of those cycles, it would of been nice to describe which button and how to use the button (press 1 time, press 2 time, hold down, hold down for x seconds, tap button until...) I have found the horse to be extremely disappointing in the game and often times wonder if they purposely made them retarded to add a sense of difficulty to the game. Anytime I whistle for my horse, if he comes, eventually - he never gets close enough for me to mount him, I have to walk a short distance to actually get on him. Once called, he takes his time getting to me and usually picks the dumbest path to me. Anytime I focus someone and hold down button to match speed and semi follow those people, the camera view constantly changes to the side/top view and since no roads are perfect here, my guy is constantly swaying off side to side and actually tripping up and killing other players in the process of this "follow feature" Cant count the amount of times he runs into something or falls off something to kill himself or me with him. Trying to use the cinematic view, to enjoy an easy long distance run - all goes quite peacefully until he just runs smack dead into the side of a moving train. When I get jumped into a gun battle from horseback, it is amazing how accurate and movable the enemies are from this mounted position, whereas a human player has to maneuver around with all the sticks and it is damn near impossible to have an actual gun fight on horseback - unless you use a bunch of slow motion, which runs out quickly. You get knocked off your horse during battle quite often, either bucked off, or shot off. No matter what type of enemy you encounter, your horse will always be slower. Riding my legendary horse, you would think this "race" horse to be quite a bit faster, stat wise they are, but of many missions where I have to chase someone, or I am being chased, it's pretty obvious how slow you are. Of many missions where you have to drive something back, the dumb horse wont continue to follow you even though you told it to. That's just some of the things off the top of my head I deal with on a daily basis. So to say how awesome the horse is... makes me laugh and scream on the inside when I come across posts glamorizing game play or specific elements of the game.
  2. Sorry, no Outlaw Jose Wells for you but I did hear a rumor about this legendary outfit may be discovered in the game - might fit your needs better
  3. This is close, if you open your journal/log you will see "Gang money" and this is where that money is going. I believe it is money set aside that is used when you move from camp site to camp site. It does not go towards supplies, that is a totally separate issue and you have to manually buy resupplies through those mini camps. You can find those resupply options in the ledger, upgrades at the bottom of whichever one you looking at. Example: Medicine, Ammo, Provisions As you upgrade them the resupply fee also goes up in price because you are restocking better quality and more quantity.
  4. I'm finding it perplexing that when I am riding on my horse and try to greet/rob someone that as I ride by, focus and quickly hit the button, that the cameras push in close from the side and damn near throw me off my horse to complete the action. I also find it frustrating during a quest when I am trying to follow someone in the pack and my horse will match speed ok but not go off to the sides non stop, run into trees/obstacles... and I've even died with my horse a couple of times because the camera positioning is terrible. Any suggestions on how to make this better during these 2 activities?
  5. I also find it ironic that no matter what type of horse you have, you can never out run lawman or bandits. Eventually you can with some turns and stutters but that's if you are lucky enough to survive the bullet barrage they will be giving you with almost pin point accuracy. I find fighting on horseback extremely annoying and uncoordinated. They really made this mechanic sh*t when it comes to horseback combat. All the crap we have to deal with as a human player the AI doesnt have to struggle with.
  6. I understand this... Should I skin them in wild when I kill them or turn them in whole? What is the difference? How should I be doing this, as in - what is the best way to be doing this?
  7. Hopefully you were on your account when you activated the codes... not someone elses. Same goes for whatever game save you were playing. I also hope you didnt buy this copy from someone else who said they didnt use the codes but actually already did. Because other than that, they are all available when you start chapter 2 and are in Valentine. You have to buy them but when you look at your items they are ZERO dollars - they arent automatically given to you. The Talisman is in your chest and you have to equip it onto your boots. I also dont know why you are making multiple posts about this same exact issue.
  8. A few, as in probably 30 - the max from duping them. Honestly man, there is no reason to do that. You have everything you need to play, earning money along the way for the more expensive things is kind of built in. I dont know what would be the point in upgrading your camp to max, buying all weps + upgrades along with recipes in the very beginning of the game. It wont help you any better and definitely will be missing the big part of the game of earning your stuff along the way.
  9. Did you follow the post instructions... when you enter it all in, it doesn't just show up in game. You actually have to go and get it at different places. Look at the guides pinned above, there is 1 specifically for all these items.
  10. That's awesome to know, I've been wasting time carrying the damn thing every where. So best way is to: Go hunt Kill it Skin it in wild Pick up corpse Put corpse on horse Ride back to camp Leave on horse, walk to cook and donate corpse from horse? This will allow me to keep pelt and things I can use while donating the rest for food?
  11. Just in case you don't want to know how it starts, it will eventually push you into it but is more of a side type of mission but can be done at anytime - marking the explanation as spoiler just in case you or someone doesn't want to know how it starts and what it does: When you are back in your camp outside Valentine, you can speak the the little boy in camp and his mother should be around. Talk to her...
  12. No, if you bring back the corpse and toss it down, or skin it in camp, it automatically boots you out of camp with a message stating that corpses and things are stored outside the camp. Doesn't seem to let you donate the corpse in any way - which is the reason for my initial question.
  13. Really surprises me that no one is saying anything on this thread... surely people are donating food to their camps, I cannot be the only one? How are you donating to your Cook in camp? Why are you doing it the way you are... have you tried it the other way? Which way do you prefer and why.
  14. So as I have been hunting and stuff I cannot figure this out. I kill something out in the wild... should I skin it and then come back to camp and donate the meat? or Should I pick it up and ride it back, donate the entire thing? Seems when I do this, I do not get the 3 star/perfect pelt. Does anyone know how this works, which way is best or what the difference between the 2 ways is? I'd really appreciate some info and help about this, as I've tried many ways and cannot figure out what the differences are, which way is best for me to be doing. It also seems, no matter how much meat/stuff I am donating, Mr.Pearson (the Cook) is always on my case about not pulling my own weight or bringing in enough meat for the camp. Is this just hard scripted and he says it no matter how much I am really bringing in, or do I need to constantly supply tons and tons of meat to the camp? I'm not even sure how this affects the camp if any because there is no meter nor do I hear anyone complaining about starving or anything. Thanks
  15. Kean_1 - Yes, that was pretty great - thank you for that. Sure is funny how mine seems to rack up and track me down much faster. I never would of guessed many of them things were that low but I'm easily getting higher and riskier things to hunt me down much faster.
  16. Im knew to RDR2 has well, so maybe those people with experience from the first one didnt have to learn things the hard way like I have... I dunno. The lock break, when I first got it at the first fence I found, I thought I messed up by paying 25$ for it and thinking it would only work 1 time. Thankfully it is something I can use all the time and been well worth the investment. Although I probably haven't gotten back 25$ from anything within the 5 or so Ive broken into, I'm sure they will add up over time.
  17. That's going to be the biggest issue then is getting to both sides, which I wandered about myself when you advised killing them. How exactly are you turning over the dead horse?
  18. That's pretty funny but although I havent tried it yet, I would imagine killing horses will lower your character levels - and I wasn't sure if you could still loot saddle bags if you killed the horse, guess I'll give it a try. Christopher Reeves doesn't like horses and I think he won Dancing with the stars last week...
  19. You can buy a lock breaker for 25$ that lasts forever, so you don't have to wait for them or when you steal coaches yourself, you can always break them open. I wrote the original post and have been playing since it was released trying many many different things and I can assure you, the bounty/wanted system is severely messed up. You will see as you get into similar situations and many others where you didnt do anything wrong or someone around a mountain witnesses you out in the middle of no where and a part of 6-10 bounty hunters instantly spawns on you shooting you off your horse and owning you. Same with Lawmen - anyone sees blood or something in town, if you are 2 streets over, you get blamed for it some how and they after you with bounties all of a sudden.
  20. I'm getting pretty sick of trying to loot the bodies and then saddle bags on enemy horses and being kicked 1 time and dying. These horses are calm as can be and there is no way to stop the graphic of looting once started. With full health you can only take 2 kicks. No idea why horses are made to kick and kill you so often, this is just retarded and annoys the hell out of me.
  21. Yes, if you get arrested, they pretty much rob you blind. Ive lost all my money when I have tried it with less than 300$. Now, when I get high bounties/wanted dead or alive.. I always go buy things I need first and then donate the rest to camp before turning myself into reset all the stupid high priced bounties. If you don't, they show up on you at the weirdest times, bounty parties can spawn right on you as well. Many missions/things you do constantly put you into a wanted state or bounty on you,
  22. Looting will not work to pay off 300+, there simply isnt enough to loot and any crimes you do will just increase the bounties. Best option I have found to get around this flawed and broken legal system is to simply spend all my money on what I need and go turn myself in with no money. Bounty gets removed and I lose nothing in the process.
  23. The stupid thing about this is when you first get the message about finding it, it says something about a illegal side business being no concern of the law and they wouldnt interfere with an already illegal activity. But is just another messed up think seriously wrong with the law/bounty system in this game, another thing to add to my growing list in my topic titled: The Law/Bounty systems are SEVERELY FLAWED
  24. This is not true, I was killed by a Bounty Party and I received the message "You have abandoned your legendary horse" a new one is with you. Granted I could go back to the stables and repurchase my horse for no money, but I lost my bonded 4 level status and perfect/3 star pelts on the horse. The horse didnt die, only I did. Previously it would be around my spawn point but this time it disappeared.
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