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  1. Yeh me to play by myself just do things I want to I dont even kill em back lol couldn't be bothered wanna be fakes.
  2. Really rockstar. No money given to us at start of online. Really gripes me that you have to grind so much for a game where it makes you purchase shark cards or whatever the cards for rdr2 be.
  3. Oh thanks will try that having no luck in forests lol
  4. Lol ok I will go try there again pesky little things
  5. Yeh the ranch lol homestead same thing
  6. Ummmm been all over the map and not found one single one. On my horse ride up close to a tree (if I don't collide with the dang thing lol) birds fly away and yeh not one. Help lol how do you get a woodpecker
  7. There is a 14th in austin bottom left map the legendary channel catfish but no one so far has caught it.
  8. There is def channel catfish in the game also says use swamp lure for bigger catches or more catches. 8.83kg one I caught last. Just thinking maybe random event for the legendary and right time right place sort a thing. If glitched tho they need to fix it lol
  9. Hmmm I am thinking these burgers move around the nap to where ever it is overcast. Right time right place sort of thing. Guessing the legendary one be a random event maybe. Grrr wish r* would answer lol
  10. Well I just caught a channel catfish it was next to the bridge at macleans house (the incest couples place) using just a river lure.. so I am off to the legendary channel catfish area to test.
  11. Occassionally just keep going back to the same spot you first saw it. Also travel in some area around that spot to it be there. It is also hard to see and blends in. Took me 12 attempts lol losing it 11 times. Well as per my previous reply we know what happenned on the 12th attempt lol
  12. I did the same thing lol but luckily I had a pre save. However just had to also capture the legendary moose again but yeh I thought it was a good idea to til the exact same thing happened to me.
  13. I just shot it lol (save prior to attempting) and do not kill it 1 shot in a non viral area wait til it drops then revive it lol then hop on.
  14. So googled if we can catch this beast some say yes others say no. Is it possible or glitched or its not real.
  15. I spent ages going to each location multiple times lol. It was annoying. I got 2 cougar perfect pelts quick lol. Finally tho up in the snow after searching near the legendary buffalo I decided before I left to check the little lake east of it and sitting in the middle of it finally was a bull moose lol. It's just a matter of patience and right place right time sort a thing I think
  16. I understand how it goes. But these little things is what makes a great awesome to making it the best ever. I am not knocking the game at all it is superb and very enjoyable and entertaining. They could also have it so you get a chance to get your stuff back from those whom killed you to be even better way to. Also gives you more to do again lol.
  17. I understand your opinion. And rdr2 is a great game just dont see why a animal attacks and kills you you lose your stuff. I understand if a bandit ornlawmen does they take it etc. Just think r* could a done a bit more in this area
  18. Lmao haha but unfort nah its bugged lol
  19. Lol I go past several carriages totally stationary no horses with the guy sitting with the reigns telling the horses to giddy up lol what the hell lol.
  20. Imma learning to save the game after each pelt lol
  21. The only issue I have with this game.. I understand if you lose your pelts cause lawmen or bandits killed ya. But really an animal kills you and you lose your pelts. Very lazy by rockstar. Had 1 more pelt to collect to be able to craft all my satchels. Grrrr
  22. So was travelling and for the life of me cant remember where. But was about to come across rail way tracks and I heard a train so I stopped.
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