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  1. Hello I would like for you to join now we are only semi rp so we have the lore and stuff but for the most part we play the game normally
  2. Forgot to quote. Just let me know you name and il add you
  3. Welcome please leave your psn name down below
  4. Welcome to The Scylding gang
  5. Hey, that is awsome! Would be interesting haveing someone in our clan with your background welcome aboard. Remember if you have the ultimate edition there is a good chance of online launching tomorrow. You can add me on pen at “jman_jd10” without the quotations.
  6. I like the realism of red dead a lot makes it better then gta in my opinion
  7. batgirl crossover in the arrowverse
  8. GTA Online was hugely successful so even if red dead matches it, which it will surpass it is awsome
  9. They are hinting towards the online being another story.
  10. I think maybe a day before thanksgiving so the employees can relax without having to worry about the game the next day.
  11. Maybe a leaderboard where it tracks your kills against another crew so you can have rivalry’s and when you have a rivalry with another crew you can join their lobby at will.
  12. I rushed through the game because I did not want to be a social hermit I shut everything thing off and just focused on the game until I beat it to avoide spoilers.
  13. I do not own one either so your not alone that is just a event i went to.
  14. something like forza has where the more work you do as a team the more rewards you get would be cool
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