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  1. You do need a scope unless you are almost on top of the study object.
  2. You can study with a scoped rifle - not ordinary weapons. Equip a scope - down on D pad - study. Normal aim with a scoped rifle is returned to by down on D pad again.
  3. Me too - legendary fox pelt - I was ambushed and killed shortly after getting it. Message said I could retrieve it at the Trapper - went to SD - trapper stall - no pelt.
  4. You can rush the story but will not beat the game, as after three fails you can win any mission by cutting to the end of the story - but that is not beating the game.
  5. Yep - click on the pictur e it will tell you what you need to do to complete the bar - some need four things - some don't
  6. Give em to Pearson in the camp before they degrade but remember he only wants perfect pelts for crafting - he will remember what he has in store for you when you have enough for a satchel upgrade.
  7. Am I missing something here? Why doesnt' the OP simply not use the 'free' horse and guns? For example the pump action shotgun is earned (found) in a mission - so just do not use it until that unlock occurs and ride a different horse
  8. They weren't updating - now they have gone - great
  9. How do you check where you are with Honor? I am trying to max out for the trophy but have no idea how I am doing.
  10. HI all - finished off Billy Midnight side mission - I could not figure out how to collect his gun. The game kept saying pick it up and to drop my Cattleman's revolver. The instructions were L1 for weapon wheel - fine - but also two 'up' arrows. Do not understand - what am I missing please? There are more side missions with only once chance to collect a weapon and I don't want to miss them also.
  11. PS4 account linked to online Overview - stories and trophies update but challenges don't? For example, I have skinned four deer but Huntsman challenge shows nil and I have found and stored 6 Yarrow and again the Herbalist challenge shows nil. They HAVE updated on PS4 log though........ Any ideas?
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