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The War Horse was one of the bonus items for those who pre-ordered their copy of the Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that the game is released, many of you are also probably wondering how you actually get it. Well wonder no longer...

Unlike what you might be thinking, your War Horse isn't actually available from the start of your game. Instead, you'll need to wait until Chapter 2 and have first completed the "Americans at Rest" mission. Following that, you'll be eligible to take on the mission "Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego" from Hosea Matthews at camp.

Hosea wants your help to sell his Shire horse and asks you to ride it into Valentine town with him. Do that and take the horse to the Amos Levi Blacksmith & Farrier stable. Head inside the stable mounted on the horse and a mission cut-scene should occur.

Following that you'll then be able to purchase various horses from the stable, one of which is Ardennes, a grey War Horse. However because you've pre-ordered the game it will be free. So simply select that horse and then begin the bonding process with it. That's it, you now have your bonus War Horse, Ardennes.

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You get a code for it. You enter the code and you are good to go my dude. You have to start a save file first though. For the War Horse, you have to wait till you get to a point where you can visit a stable in the story. 

Going to spoiler this:


To redeem the War Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2, you must visit a stable. You'll do this as part of the main story in Chapter 2, specifically the Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego mission. From there you have the option to purchase horses, and the Ardennes horse will be available for free. This is the War Horse you've been looking for.


You can read about how to unlock and gain access to everything else here:


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