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Strange Cabin?

Noodles III

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I found this cabin at a small lake in between the Kamassa river and the traintracks, it’s a little creepy but inside there’s a map next to a mirror that says “I offered you happiness or two generations. You made your choice.” And the map is of a small town that to me looks like Valentine but I wouldn’t know since I’m not that far into the game. Anyone know what this is about?C2260105-BB2F-4761-A678-3FE9E07AA691.thumb.jpeg.fdb3f9ef2e71df9c69bb7709c6c9a01c.jpegE8828175-8D1F-4234-BA63-1E1AFEF1680B.thumb.jpeg.4b4254c8ff715d6ced52c3eb69370161.jpeg

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