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  1. I couldn't figure it out either man. I ended up going back to controller on PC. It is just easier and since the game was designed to play with a controller, makes more sense to play it like that. Not very big on using a keyboard for gaming though myself.
  2. Not yet. It only just came out in December (for Steam anyways) and I feel like it is worth giving them at least 6 months to sort the issues.
  3. I still say this was a dumb mechanic in the game. Realistically speaking, you wouldn't be able to carry more than like 6 weapons at a time on you and this is including what you can hold on your horse.
  4. I am not seeing anything, so maybe it didn't post properly? I am not sure how long they take to get back these days but hopefully they do get back to you. I did a ticket a month ago for GTA V and they responded in 6 days I think.
  5. XP perks make it worth it. Decent weekly bonus I suppose. I'll have to get on more this week to see if I can level up a bit more.
  6. Tired as hell. Had a horrible night's sleep and just got home from work not too long ago. Tossed a frozen pizza in the oven so waiting on that. Might have myself some coffee.
  7. Video games honestly. It is something I do for fun but also to reduce stress. I used to draw but I honestly suck at it and gave up. I had considered taking up a new hobby that is more creative like woodworking or something similar but I would need to invest in tools and money is too tight at the moment.
  8. At least you have something though. I mean I wouldn't want the map too be too accurate myself. I like the element of feeling lost in the game. Makes it more fun when you go exploring.
  9. It was working fine for me just the other day but I haven't been on since earlier this week. I will check into it. Keep in mind, a lot of these kinds of issues only effect some players and not others so it might be hard to find a solution.
  10. Assuming you have your settings in order, which I would imagine you do given you know what is in your laptop, it sounds like it may be forcing this do to a heating issue. I know some of them run hot and force sleep/hibernation to protect the computer. Do you notice it struggling at all to run the game?
  11. I haven't been on much since making the thread. Been rather busy but going to be playing a bit this weekend. Did they add anything new lately to it?
  12. RON

    Bug, or hacker?

    They'll reverse it, no doubt. I know what you mean though. I don't want to blame other players entirely and I don't want to blame Rockstar entirely, but the more issues the game has and the more people who try to exploit them for personal gain or amusement, the more annoyed I become.
  13. This the case on PC and console both? It doesn't seem to happen to me all that often on PC but it seemed to happen a lot more on console when I played there.
  14. I thought the same thing. I like being in lobbies with others but the risk of being in a lobby with complete morons is too high now, especially on PC. Have to worry about hackers, modders, and people just cheating the game in general through known bugs.
  15. They just have to tweak the dogs a bit to be more improved. I like the idea of having a canine protector but the damn dog I have doesn't seem to do anything.
  16. Prime time television on Sunday nights. That is where everyone pays the most for commercials, SB or not. There are other reasons as well, I just can't remember off the top of my head.
  17. Was thinking the same thing when I read the OP. I mean they have done it for other games, why now toss some love to us RDR fans? I don't collect these but I would certainly get one of John and Arthur.
  18. RON

    controls stop working

    That is probably where your issue is then. I had this happen with a bluetooth headset before. I couldn't figure out why but it wouldn't work all the time. I was having issues with Origin games I believe and the sound just not working. I never was able to find a fix. I just used my wired ones until I got a new PC.
  19. I noticed this. I don't play all the time. I play maybe one or two days out of the week and I still managed to level up pretty fast. I feel like it was too fast in some regards.
  20. I don't always make use of the weekly bonuses and what not but I have to give it to them for being consistent with it, for the most part. I mean the game still has its issues but at least they are giving people things to do.
  21. RON

    Funny Tweets

    Nothing about Twitter is funny to me. It just makes me cringe anymore. I remember using it back in like 08 when like no famous people or companies were infesting the place, it was a better time. Eh. Here is one that remastered an old joke..
  22. I honestly never heard of it. I had to search what it was. Maybe this was something between the company and Rockstar that changed. Companies are always screwing around and we end up having to take care of the disappointments (the babies they make).
  23. Supposedly, if your channel is for kids or "kid friendly" the comment sections will be removed. I don't watch any channels like this to know if it happened. I do know that there have been a number of changes with Sony but that has to do more with Sony than Google/Youtube.
  24. Who are your delivering to? Usually they are two buyers and one of them will pay quite a bit less than the other. I can't think of any reason other than that since you clearly know what you are doing here.
  25. I remember being one of the people who was kinda disappointed in the mechanics of the game in terms of this. Like the hand to hand combat and the general damage done via bullets was just screw-bally. Oh well.. I mean the game is still insanely good all things considered.
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