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  1. I got on GTA V and beat up hookers. But a real answer, I will usually do something productive. It never helps to just sit still in your thoughts when you are stressed over something.
  2. I don't play on console, I play it on PC. Is it a cross platform game? I don't remember it being that way. A friend gifted the game to me for Christmas. I only play it now and then. Not really big into cod games.
  3. Turn up the brightness on your monitor and try turning down the brightness in game. I know it sounds counteractive but it has helped with some visuals for me in the game as well as a few others.
  4. I see it in both online and offline. The storms and rain can get to be a bit much. It doesn't allow me to fully enjoy everything. I mean I don't know if it is any worse than it has been since I started playing back in December but it certainly seems like it.
  5. I tend to go back to all my older games eventually. Recently dug out my N64 and been playing some games on that. The graphics did not age well but I still have a blast playing on it lol I will probably come back to RDR2 after a few years.
  6. The controls you have set the change this aren't working? I think the game will automatically change it back after you logout, at least it did for me a few times.
  7. I think you just complete one full set and it works at least this was the case for me as well. Took forever but I eventually got a complete set.
  8. I know people who got the game on console and are still playing the story line. I guess when it is good, it is great. I mean I only just finished my first play through not too long ago and just completing odds and ends stuff but the game is hella fun!
  9. I accidently experimented with this once and I can confirm, they just stand there like a frog on a log. My horse took the smack of a lifetime to his rear end and didn't make it lol
  10. Cold weather, less son, and people getting sick left and right... Yeah I think most people shift a bit unless you love the snow or you are a kid praying for a snow day to stay home from school. lol
  11. If we are talking specifically about GTA V online, it can be a struggle to meet chill people on console but on other games, I have made friends as well. One guy is still in touch with me even though I don't play on console anymore. He actually got Steam and a few games. We probably play something together once or twice a month and I met him on console in like 2008.
  12. There is nothing wrong with spreading awareness of the issue but people these days tend to be high strung and overact over the smallest things. I haven't seen much on it the past week so hopefully it is dying off.
  13. I'm not surprised by this. People were always more likely to buy the game through Steam vs the Rockstar launcher/site. It just makes more sense to do it that way. I know some people through Steam who just buy games to buy them and have them in their collection.
  14. I never noticed one though I don't do very many moonshine missions. Do they pop up all the time or are they in specific locations?
  15. I had to do this, twice. It seems to fix the problem or at least it did those two times but it has been awhile. Does it actually change given the time of day it is in the game? Is that what you mean?
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