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Is this a game ... (no story spoilers)


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I bought RDR2 because I watched a youtube video about it months ago and just remembered the name, but by the time I bought it I had forgotten what was in the video, all I remembered was that I had decided to get it.

So I start playing opening day, and it was kind of interesting.  I'm a huge fan of the Battlefield series, so that's really more of my thing, and I found the game play through the early part of the game rather slow and not really that interesting, honestly.

Then later I get to the open world, and I really don't know what is going on, it was my first time playing a game like this and I didn't even understand wtf was supposed to be happening, in fact, I didn't even understand that it was an "open world".  I could barely ride my horse, had no idea how the selection of what was in my hand was working, it was all very confusing ..

.. But ..

The world ... wow.

I mean the grass, the clouds, even compared to Battlefield 1 which I think was the prettiest game I had ever played, wtf, how did the people who made this game even come up with this stuff.  It's SO beautiful.  I thought that from the beginning, but once you get out into the world and start wandering around, it's just so impressive.  The detail, the very obvious amount of craftsmanship that went into this game, it is so expansive.

And I'm walking around looking at everything and start to figure out mechanics such as being able to study creatures with binoculars, tracking, riding my horse and getting to know it, and yes .. there is a story, and you can work towards that, and I was, .. or, am ?  I think.

But most of the time it seems like I'm just riding around on my horse.  And yes, I could run everywhere and make the game faster, but ... for some reason I just walk, or lead my horse sometimes, walk when I'm on foot, wander around.

And then after a few days of this, literally, ... I mean wtf, is this even a game ?  I mean I'm enjoying just being in the game, without even advancing the story, just riding around looking at stuff, like you might if you just went out for a walk around the neighborhood.  And identifying animals, and watching birds fly around, and the scenery WOW, the little lakes, rivers, the creatures, and the level of detail in the game mechanics for hunting, fishing, etc.

Half the time it feels like I'm trying to build my character, and get a better relationship with my horse(s) (now I have two that I wander around with), and it's so exciting to find new places to go and new things to see.

And how on EARTH did the people who made this game make so much detail on such a grand scope, such a HUGE map, and it's almost perfect, I mean, footsteps in the mud, the weather, the sounds.

I don't even know if it's a game with a point anymore, and I don't even seem to care if it has a point, I've been contented most of the day learning how to use a new lure to lake fish, enjoying new species of fish as I find them.

I've almost completely stopped progressing in the story, honestly.  Today I deliberately avoided a story line because it was interrupting what I was doing, because I wanted to get something I needed to craft something and had to ride quite a ways to get to it.

Which then turned into racing on my horse along the railroad tracks ... for ... umm ... fun, without any point.

Is it a game ?  A hunting simulation ?  A therapy session ?  A work of art to be admired ?  An instructive encyclopedia and teaching aid ?

At this point I don't even know.

And I don't seem to care.

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14 minutes ago, Poggy said:

I feel the same way.  It's a game, but not a mere game.  It goes beyond.  It is interactive drama and an aesthetic experience.  Plus, you get to blow people's heads off.  Noice!

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