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Spawn issues

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In thousends of hours in gta 3-5 i'd never seen any npc spawn in in front of me or in my sight.

Most times it was near realistic how the cops appear for example.

But in Rdr2 i noticed a few times some spawn problems with npc's just in a few hours of playtime.

The first time a woman im Sant denis despawned direct in front of me. In the few seconds i was wondering whats happened, she comes back from arround the corner and started again to clean up the ground.

Looks like that npc is coded like: 

Spawn - go 15 Meters arround the corner - clean up the ground Animation - despawn - and again and again  :D

That would be very sad.

The scnd situatIon was that some bounty hunters spawned on top of a bridge with their horses.

Nothing i was prepared for by a 8 year developed game :(

The third thing was in annesburg i believe. I climbed up a ladder on a kind of tower halfways and went afk for 20 seconds.

When i went back i was under fire by easy 15 cops and i went on top of the tower to think about what to do.

Cops came even at once up the tower and i killed a lot of them but after ~30 dead bodys on top of the tower and still 10-20 cops on the minimap realized that they just spawn around the tower.

So no chance to get out there. Just be clever and give up in these situations otherwise u end in a hell of bounty without a chance. I got a 500$ bounty for that crap :D

sry for my bad english:(


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I have heard of people reporting bugs and glitches, maybe you are running into one of those? I have not seen many issues on my end, nothing like this at least. I know some of the missions and such are set to only be done according to your moral level and on a time schedule (night/day). I'm really not sure how to be of help here. Have you tried contacting Rockstar about the issue?

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