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  1. I've met him twice. Scnd time Arthur says something like: "you are still looking at Gavin?" My question is: Is Gavin in the game? So am I able to find him? I didn't start searching bcs sant denis is too big to search for 1 people without a trace : D
  2. Haha dude how often i feel like u in this situation Just confused.
  3. 1.Slot: Bow / Springfield Rifle 2. Slot: Semi-auto-shotgun Most time i prefer the bow idk why but in every game that has bow its mine
  4. I thought too my lantern is gone but then i realized that its under the melee weapon slot where your knife is
  5. I know my post was motivated by a couple of post from some experts here.
  6. I would also take the "original" experiance and dont like the idea of free weapons and specials horses. I also didnt entered this survival kit code i got with the game. But anyway money is nearly "useless" in Rdr2 so dont be triggered by the free weapons. Idk what they cost but i think around 300$ and thats nothing compared with what the game u gives along the story, treasure huntings etc.
  7. Thanks! Your raise motivate me to have better small talks this year on the christmas market with outlandish customers And yeah i agree, online mode is another thing...
  8. I got also spoilered by a ytcomment Not rlly surprising but i didnt thought about it while jumping trough the comments.
  9. I wanna tell you the truth. I bought the game twice, one for me (im 28) and one for my 12 year old sister. She loves Gta and played it for about 2 years now. She doesnt care much about the brutal things. She is more interested on the horse and the things around. No children of the world will be a "killer" because of a game like this and they can make a distinction rlly well between a game and rl. Sry for my Bad english, i did my best edit: i also played games like doom or other shooter / horror games when i was 10 and i think i got not so much damage from it
  10. But why i cant see a connection but maybe im blind for things like this.
  11. I didnt noticed any special thing on it that let me think its more than a picture. Or its the hardest puzzle/ treasure hunt i've evee seen I believe its just a unique collectable.
  12. Lol i thought its just a drawIng. So its a kind of treasure map or did i understood wrong?
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