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  1. I've met him twice. Scnd time Arthur says something like: "you are still looking at Gavin?" My question is: Is Gavin in the game? So am I able to find him? I didn't start searching bcs sant denis is too big to search for 1 people without a trace : D
  2. Haha dude how often i feel like u in this situation Just confused.
  3. 1.Slot: Bow / Springfield Rifle 2. Slot: Semi-auto-shotgun Most time i prefer the bow idk why but in every game that has bow its mine
  4. I thought too my lantern is gone but then i realized that its under the melee weapon slot where your knife is
  5. I know my post was motivated by a couple of post from some experts here.
  6. I would also take the "original" experiance and dont like the idea of free weapons and specials horses. I also didnt entered this survival kit code i got with the game. But anyway money is nearly "useless" in Rdr2 so dont be triggered by the free weapons. Idk what they cost but i think around 300$ and thats nothing compared with what the game u gives along the story, treasure huntings etc.
  7. Thanks! Your raise motivate me to have better small talks this year on the christmas market with outlandish customers And yeah i agree, online mode is another thing...
  8. I got also spoilered by a ytcomment Not rlly surprising but i didnt thought about it while jumping trough the comments.
  9. I wanna tell you the truth. I bought the game twice, one for me (im 28) and one for my 12 year old sister. She loves Gta and played it for about 2 years now. She doesnt care much about the brutal things. She is more interested on the horse and the things around. No children of the world will be a "killer" because of a game like this and they can make a distinction rlly well between a game and rl. Sry for my Bad english, i did my best edit: i also played games like doom or other shooter / horror games when i was 10 and i think i got not so much damage from it
  10. But why i cant see a connection but maybe im blind for things like this.
  11. I didnt noticed any special thing on it that let me think its more than a picture. Or its the hardest puzzle/ treasure hunt i've evee seen I believe its just a unique collectable.
  12. Lol i thought its just a drawIng. So its a kind of treasure map or did i understood wrong?
  13. Lol, would be interesting to know who the owner was. Seems to be a kind of "unice"horse from a Important npc or something? Idk
  14. Happened to me with the legendary fox. I was aiming on him and in the same moment i noticed bounty hunters so I aimed on the bh saw that they are far away and thought i will kill the fox quickly and run away but then the fox are allready dead i just collected. Idk what happened.
  15. Haha dude this horse is damn ugly No wonder why they dont want to stable it
  16. Do u push your thred with fake comments by yourself?
  17. Wait, the campdeco will disappear in chapter 6? Lul why? I like this game a lot but I also agree to the most of your critics. The whole choice of legendary outfits is damn ugly. And the camp +money system seems to be useless.
  18. Im the notoric notsaver But my only issue so far was to not bring the pelt of the legendary bear instantly to the trapper and it disappeared after a mission i believe.
  19. Why do u have so many weapons u dont want? Did u got it without a question from the story?
  20. Totally agree with all what u said dude.
  21. You forgot he is a medal hunter. So the whole playstyle of this kind of players is completly wrong for a game like Rdr2.
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