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I am a Swedish man of 36 years old and I have always loved the old Western stories. I am a teacher in history and religion at university level but have also teached at high schools. My wife is Japanese and we have a daughter and a son together and my plan for them is of course to become gamers like their father 🙂. My wife may have other plans but those are not that important when it comes to this issue. I am not rich nor am I poor but I have enough to make me and the rest of my family have nice and mostly comfortable lives. I love to travel with my family and naturally we travel a lot to Japan to see that side of our relatives at least once a year but we also love to go to Dubai and stay at the Hilton resorts, strangely we actually prefer the Hilton resort and spa in the emirate of Ras al Khaimah. So as one can see, I prefer traveling or buying things for my gaming with the extra money I make. My philosophy in life is that we only live once and while living one should do anything that is legal and not morally bad, to try to feel good and doing something fun every day.

That does not mean one need to travel every day but reading a good book or going with the kids to a hockey game or anything that brings joy in life is good enough. This philosophy started a few years ago when one of my best friends got killed in a flight accident and it really devastated me. He was that kind of person that always had fun so despite him not having the time most of get on this earth, he still lived it to the full extent. Now I am not an adrenaline-junkie as he was so I do not need to do aerobatics to feel alive, a good game like RDR2 combined with my loving family is enough for me 🙂

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