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  1. I have been playing this game regularly and alot on my ps4-pro at 1080p. When I play at fake 4k it laggs and looks horrible. At 1080p it is as smooth as a 30 fps game can be, and that is still of course alot worse than a 60 fps experience. But the other day I went to a friend and he played the game on a regular ps4 and it was horrible. I really could not stand the lagg and stutters, just a horrible experience. This game should not have been released on the base consoles in this state.
  2. I hope RDR3 or whatever the next game will be called, will be set in the real Wild West. No matter if they keep using already known characters or if they to me, preferably will start a new story with new characters in the 1870-1880 era. I just want more of the real Wild West and less of the “turn of the century” or “the end of the gunman era”. I want to play in the gunman era when the telegraph was the newest and most modern way of communication and not the phone.
  3. I bought the guide through the RDR2 official app. It is quite nice reading and I would recommend people to BUY it if they like the game and not pirate it. It is also very handy to have in the app together with Arthur’s diary etc.
  4. He looks more or less the same with Arthur, albeit perhaps a younger version but still Vampire/Zombie like.
  5. I did exactly the same. There is no realistic way to find all the dream catchers and/or dinosaur bones without some kind of map or guide. I am playing through the game for the fourth time and I am still finding small details in new conversations or such all the time. As I do not play online, the story mode is my go to game when I am not exploring the console version of Stellaris.
  6. The gold is in a lockbox under som debris. It is only possible to find from chapter 4 and onward. Link to gold bars in the game, read at your own peril. https://www.polygon.com/red-dead-redemption-2-guide/2018/11/21/18105649/rdr2-finding-gold-bars-money-exploit-limpany-braithwaite-manor-train-wreck-strange-painting-statues
  7. But there is gold in the Braitwaith manor, a gold bar to be exact if my memory is not tur ing senile. It can be found once the house is burnt down.
  8. Well written Kormath! In my case, I fell and lost my consciousness for what seemed like a few seconds but turned up to bee for some minutes. As I was in Japan and not Sweden, help came fast and I was examined from top to toe. I am not certain it was heatstroke or heat exhaustion, just that I felt horrible and even got death anxiety. The doctors and nurses helped me to get well and just a day later I could return to having a wonderful vacation with my family. Now sorry for OT and back to the topic! I do not think it is necessary that the protagonists in RDR2 would or should suffer from heat of cold in anymore advanced ways than is already implemented. It is not a big deal to me as I feel the already implemented system with clothing/temperature to be very good. My only complaint in any regards to this is that in SP mode, one ends up with a lot of really nice looking winter clothes but there are so few places to use those clothes.
  9. My wife is Japanese so me and the entire family often goes to Japan(I am Swedish). The summer of 2018 was crazy hot when me and my family went to Japan and even my wife found it to be hot. For two weeks it was over 40 C in the days and way over 30C in the nights and this combined with 100% air humidity. I drank a lot of fluids that contained all the necessary salts etc and I was still struck by heatstroke one of the days when we where hiking in the mountains. As a Swede I am not exactly used to those temps even though I have been to Dubai and such. The thing this time in Japan was that I underestimated the need for fluids and overestimated my own stamina. I do not know what the lover limit in Celsius would be for a possible heatstroke but I am fairly certain that it can happen with way “cooler” temperatures than I experienced if one does not drink enough water with the correct minerals and dependent of the air humidity.
  10. The repeater shotgun, but you may put the “Henry rifle” to the weapons one only get at the end as well. This is why I want a new game + In regards to the shotgun, go to a weapon store and just see the shotguns in the catalogue, it is the last one. https://reddead.fandom.com/wiki/Repeating_Shotgun?file=Repeating_Shotgun_-_Red_Dead_2.png
  11. Well said! I have played through the game four times and my fourth time was like your third. It was really immersive and great in more or less every way. I do think though that the game is best during chapter 1-4, the two last chapters are not my cup of tea and the reasons are many. I still love the game but as I said, the earlier chapters are beyond a doubt the best. I wish there was a new game + sort of thing where I could start over with all my items ans weapons from the start. This because I am not really fond of the fact that my favorite shotgun is unlocked at the very end.
  12. I agree completely, Buell is nothing special and I do not think Buell looks cool neither.
  13. I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. After I watched it I could not decide if it was the most brilliant western or the most awful western that I had ever watched. I can still not decide and I have ended up with a compromise, it is the most brilliant and the most awful western I have watched.
  14. I am certain that you are partly correct and that fact makes that part even more jarring. I personally hate the online part and I rather play other games instead of playing RDR2O. I just want to clarify something so people do not miss understand me and my opinions on RDR2, the game is still all things considered one of and even perhaps THE best game this generation. But having opinions on parts that could improve is never a bad thing and in the end it is we, the customers that will benefit by talking about what we like and not like about games.
  15. This mirrors my opinion exact and with way less words than I with my most limited knowledge of English could produce.
  16. I played many open world games before RDR2, almost all games nowadays are open world in one way or the other. There is really no need to be snarky just because I do not share all your opinions, is there!? If the later chapters became boring to play because of the penalties the TB inflicted, then it is not implemented good enough as the purpose of the game is to have fun. You do not agree on this point and that is fine but denying that the penalties actually do not gimp the character is just plain wrong. Regarding the open world part, there are a lot more to do in many of the AC games after completion and I do not even like them. I did not say that there should be missions or stranger-events post completion but random events like I mentioned earlier, like attacks from gangs and people needing help because their horse died and such is not to much to ask for. The world is deader than dead after completion and if one wants to fight without getting the law after you, there are very limited places that one can do that since all gangs have more or less vanished. In the AC games or even HZD there are many enemy camps or robots to battle. R* should definitely have made it possible to rustle cattle and rob banks in free roam as it is such an integral part of the old west theme.
  17. I used the white arabian during my whole play through and after it died, I could just go back as Marston and get a new one. So now I have a white, a black and a rose arabian in my stable.
  18. Good points, but the boring part of playing Arthur when he gets the TB is that he becomes so gimped. They could have kept his TB as a story element but do we as players need to suffer the all too many penalties to the cores and we cannot even eat or drink to help balancing that issue? The TB should have been a story event and Arthur could have looked like hell but all the penalties to the overall gameplay just makes me want to skip through those last chapter/missions as fast as possible as the joy of exploring is dead by then. Someone also mentioned that the game world dies after the epilogue when we are rewarded with a lot of money to be used for the purpose to explore and play in the sandbox made by R*. But why should we? There are almost no enemy gang activity, no women needing saving because their horse fell and died, more or less no random events at all and it really makes the game world feel more like a desert than a sandbox. There are no reason to make the random events rarer post epilogue, quite the opposite should be true and it would make the game feel way more fun to play post epilogue. It cannot be difficult for R* to implement those same random events that are active during the main campaign to also be active during free roam and the free roam needs it. I want local gangs to start brawls or shootouts at saloons, I just want a more active sandbox in free roam compared to what it is now and maybe that would make it fun to play as Marston.
  19. I am old and boring, so just give me a “serious” dlc/expansion without aliens, zombies or other similar ideas. I want a dlc/expansion that is more down to earth with realistic old west elements.
  20. That is my problem with the epilogue, since I have immersed myself in Arthur’s life and ways then playing as John just feels like a sexual act that is interrupted just before climax. Arthur is just way better as a player character in this particular game, no matter how cool Marston is in RDR1. I am weird and old but I am now on my fourth play through and the reason is that I so much prefer playing as Arthur instead of John. I have a main save of sorts where I have collected nearly everything in the game and found everything there is but roaming around as John is just not as fun as doing the same with Arthur would have been. Many people I have talked with say they love the fast tempo of the later chapters and that they really love chapter 6. I am the complete opposite as I greatly prefer Arthur pre his “breaking bad” phase and it is just a pity that I cannot enjoy the entire map as Arthur and kill all the legendary animals and so forth with the games main protagonist. Once again, all of this could be rectified by giving the player the option to play as Arthur post epilogues even if it is not canonical to the story.
  21. That would have had no effect on my personal style of gaming but I like freedom. If one thinks using cheats makes the game more entertaining, more power to them! Taking away options are more or less never a good thing. So just because you, me and others had/has no use for cheats in the game, should others be limited in their preferred way of playing this game? Of course not, let people play the way they like.
  22. True and it is a consolation, but I would have really enjoyed an option to play as Arthur as a reward for finishing the game. I do not care if it is not canonical but I just vastly prefer to play Arthur instead of Marston.
  23. I gave you a like as I think you have some points but I do not agree with all. I for instance like to be immersed in the games I play and playing one character is in my mind way better compared to the GTAV solution. I love most of the story but yes, after the “uncharted” chapter followed by the “breaking bad” chapter, I would have preferred other kind of events. The “uncharted” chapter and the “breaking bad” ones where not really fun to play and here comes the real paradox for me. I like to be able to have all the little trinkets, weapons and such but when they become available before the epilogue Arthur has already become broken and boring to play. At that part it is just not that much fun to “role-play anymore. So to be unbroken I need to progress to the epilogue and that to me is not really the same game anymore. I understand that others may differ in their opinion and I can really see their standpoint, but it just takes away the fun to play the ending chapters in my opinion.
  24. I agree with this, why it would be so complicated to use cheats in single player mode is beyond me. I have not used cheats as I personally do not see any reason for it in this game but I should be able to play a single player game the way I prefer, cheats or no cheats. So yes, dismantle the achievements and whatever it is called if one cheats but not allowing one to save after cheating is just retarded in a single player game.
  25. Unfortunately I think you are correct. Do not get me wrong here, I have nothing against expanding multiplayer even if I am not playing it myself but I would also like that area more fleshed out for single player.
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