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Hi there, I'm somewhat stuck on one of the weapons expert challenges, the one where you have to kill 4 enemies at once with 1 stick of dynamite.  The AOE of the dynamite is so small that getting 4 enemies close enough together is causing me issues. Is there any trick or guaranteed location to pull this off? 

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30 minutes ago, Benjo said:

I did it in Rhodes by throwing one under a cart full of people

Wait do they not have to be hostile? if not I'll just launch one into a bar :) 

Edit: Tested they have to be hostile, throwing it into a crowd doesn't work

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52 minutes ago, dropkickennedy said:

I completed this challenge by rolling up to a raider camp and tossing a stick in the middle. There are usually exactly 4 enemies there.

I do that every time I find them. It's a perfect way to cut them down quick!

I haven't gotten to that challenge yet though...

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