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HUD Disabled?


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Hi, I haven't started playing RDR2 yet myself, was just wondering if anyone had played with HUD disabled?  If so how did you find it?  I'm the kinda player who likes minimal UI, so like in FarCry5 I would disable everything apart from interaction prompts (although that game forced you to enable UI in some instances, as you literally wouldn't know what your objective was).

Is it necessary to have HUD on?  Or does it simply make it harder?

I'd also like to go 1st person, for immersion, and found it to be much more fun and satisfying in GTA V.  Thanks, and have fun with the game!

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@GMak81 there's an app for RDR2 that (if I understand correctly) allows you to display all that extra crap on you phone or other device.

You can also hide the minimap by holding down on the d pad (or expand it if you so desire).

First person is VERY immersive.

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I won't even get into FC5 as I found that Ubi had completely butchered that franchise ever since FC2 and FC5 was the coup de gras as far as I'm concerned.

Having said that, I do usually like a minimal or clean HUD especially on tactical shooters.  RDR2 is obviously different but I still like to keep the HUD relatively clutter free.  However, I don't want to have to continually jump to my map to orient myself so I typically use the compass or normal mini map (not expanded).  

I wouldn't be opposed to running without this feature though and I may do it in my second run through.  I like the idea of not being able to see who the enemies are.  

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@Kean_1 Yeah, I think we are on the same wavelength.  I completed FC3, didn't quite complete FC4 (which always looked weird on my TV), and completed FC5...some nice presentation and fairly intense moments, but ultimately felt a little shallow.  That game is a good example of how hold-your-hand-arcadified games can be, when you've got vision through walls, glowing enemies with tags over their heads...that is not my type of gaming.

I played it as raw and minimal UI as possible, because then you have to use awareness of your peripheral vision and audio cues to work out where enemies are, as well as sneaking and doing recon as much as possible.

A massive part of my enjoyment, especially with Rockstar games, is exploration.  I want this to be a raw experience, where I have to discover things, missions, locations, for myself.  Stumble across things and get sidetracked, let the game flow.  I want to use my brain and eyes to identify enemies, not have their locations shown to me on a GPS device (minimap).

I'd also really like R* to add some sort of hardcore mode, with real penalty for failure...so if you die, you pay the price (not necessarily perma-death, but some sort of "medical fee" you have to pay to be "saved").  It spoils the experience and intensity in games for me when you die and just respawn.  I want penalty for failure.

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