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Moving Gunfight Camera


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Is there a way to disable the moving camera during gunfights? Please, please, I really hope so.

I find the moving camera very distracting and it makes it harder to aim at enemies and really takes away from the overall experience in my opinion. Is anyone else bothered by this?

See the link below as I demonstrate the issue I'm having.


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Takes away from the experience? What you just showed IS the experience. It's the immersion of being shot at by 10 different men running to cover. Your breathing and adrenaline directly effect your aim and the game beautifully replicates this. Allows for a more realistic and authentic experience instead of running around haphazardly shooting perfectly. Get behind cover and take on one enemy at a time. 

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21 minutes ago, dropkickennedy said:

Get behind cover and take on one enemy at a time. 

This works so well it isn't even funny.  For all the talk of how immersive the game is, when I'm riding solo into a den of O'Driscolls, I NEVER actually ride all the way in.  I get that little indicator on my mini map of enemy combatants, tie my horse off in the distance, and approach slowly by leapfrogging from cover to cover with a rolling block rifle, repeater, and dynamite, ready to party.  

For smaller engagements, like at campfires, I open with dynamite and finish up with a shotgun.

When raiding a den though?  A lot of sniping and a LOT of chew to replenish my Dead Eye.  If you're patient, you can wipe out fifteen to  twenty of them without breaking a sweat.  They can try to flank , but it never seems to be an issue if I'm using a repeater (or two).  I love the tactical thrill of a good old fashioned assault with cover to cover movement, pop shot mechanics, and strategic reloads.  If I want to charge them like a maniac and do flying leaps with a rocket launcher, I'll go play Halo.  

But these magnificent fools did an amazing job with the combat.  

Edit: there's also times when the game feels like this, despite everything I just said:


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