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Don’t Expect A Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Announcement Any Time Soon


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It’s proving very difficult for gamers to keep their minds off the topic of Red Dead Redemption 2 even with so little information presently available go on.

Of course, one of the side-effects of said lack of information is that discussion about the game becomes circular, with the same topics being discussed and analysed over and over again. Something we’re probably guilty of here too, but heck, we’re excited fans just like the rest of you!

When will we get new info?“, “how will GTA 5 influence it?“, “what features do you want to see?” and finally, “will it come to PC?” are common questions. That last topic seems to be the most controversial and divisive, however even if the answer is yes, we won’t know until after the game is first released.


Grand Theft Auto 5 taught Rockstar a great many things, and some of the lessons are bound to rub off on Red Dead Redemption 2 in the right way. However, GTA 5 also taught Rockstar how to sell a game to maximum effect and the staggered release schedule really worked out for them. While a common outcome was players buying the title twice, some even bought it three times across all three waves. First, the game launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, then a year later it arrived on the current-gen consoles and finally, yet another year later, it was released on PC.

And when GTA 5 eventually arrived for the PC it turned out to be the game’s definitive edition. While Online has some troubles with hackers, from a technical standpoint the PC version is a vast improvement over the console editions. If Red Dead Redemption 2 ever gets a PC port, a similar situation is likely to arise, but hopefully without the hackers (Rockstar, please have dedicated servers).

But if fans knew today that they were guaranteed to get a PC version of the game at some stage in the future, there would be a good chunk of them that wait it out and only buy that edition.

Right now, it’s not known whether Red Dead Redemption 2 will come to PC at all since it would be the first Red Dead game to do so (PS Now streaming doesn’t technically count). Because of this ambiguity, players who own both a console and PC will buy it on console. However if the PC version is eventually announced and released, chances are they’ll grab that version as well for the better experience.


Based on this, not getting a PC version announcement prior to Red Dead Redemption 2’s release on the PS4 and Xbox One (hopefully later this year) is by no means an indication that the game isn’t coming to PC. However players should keep in mind that the chance of a PC confirmation before said release is practically zero.

So hang in there PC gamers. And if you really want to show your support for a PC version of the game, check out this petition.

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Sad but not exactly unexpected. Consoles are obviously big bucks and with Sony/Microsoft willing to pay to keep exclusivity there was very little doubt that they'd also be holding back the PC release if one ever does come along. Couple that with the fact that piracy in general is still more rampant on PC even with heavy hitter Denuvo DRM being incorporated heavily in most recent AAA (and not so "AAA" games) and legit PC gamers get hit hardest for just wanting to enjoy a game that "griefs their rig".

This is however a console seller (I'm most likely going to buy a PS4 purely for this game and/or The Last of Us 2) so it does make sense financially for Sony/Microsoft to keep it in their park for as long as possible especially if they can also add a few subscriptions on top of the hardware/software sale.

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