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RDR2 Images

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From the FAQ:


Based on the story and themes of the first Red Dead Redemption, as well as the promotional artwork of Red Dead Redemption 2, the game will likely act as a prequel for the original RDR and chronologically will precede it. As such, the storyline will likely be focused around John Marston’s time as an outlaw, either experienced through his eyes or the eyes of another character who accompanies him. The reason people believe it will be a prequel to the original RDR is that the promo images for RDR 2 feature John Marston, and any one who has played the original RDR will know that the game ends in a way such that he could not feature if RDR 2 was a sequel.


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7 hours ago, UKSammy84 said:
  1. I don't get how screencaps from the now old trailer could be "news"
  2. Why is a publication like BusinessInsider posting them?


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