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Bizarre fishing glitch in CatTail pond


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So last night I was fishing in CatTail pond just north of Wallace Station. Used a lake lure fishing for a northern pike to finish the survivalist challenge.

There was a Bull Elk creeping around the pond that was getting unusually close to me while fishing. I was battling the pike for a minute or 2 when the elk charged into the pond and head-butted the fish! Arthur thanked the Elk and the fish easily reeled in after that and it was kinda weird looking northern pike that Arthur called Jean Marc or Jean Luc. It then only gave me the option to throw him back.

It freaked me out a lil bc I like to smoke my vegetables while playing Rdr2 and thought I was hallucinating.

Anyone else experience this weird glitch??

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1 hour ago, GarthAlgar said:

It was later in the day, probably between like 4 and 7pm. The weather was sunny. And I wish I recorded it myself... 

I'll try this myself later tonight and report back. See if it happens to me. Maybe it was just a one-off glitch that happened as a result to you doing something very in particular. 

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