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  1. I don't play Poker too often but I did notice it was not available for me either. It seems to be working just fine on PC though which is making me think it is down to the latest update though I don't see many people asking about it or saying it isn't working. Must be a few of us unlucky fellas or something.
  2. No way that I am aware of. If you want the files, you can just get the music through YouTube. I mean, that is what I did. I did it with the first game as well. I didn't know you could access them on RDR1 or GTA V.
  3. I noticed the poison arrows can work very slow sometimes and this can result in the cat actually running off. Sometimes you can find them dead but most of the time if they get out of view and far enough, they just disappear.
  4. Yeah, I do this with other games I really enjoy. Recently played through the first Assassin's Creed again. I like to give it a good 5+ years after I shelf games before I come back to them. Makes everything feel more fresh.
  5. First time playing through I was confused by this but if you time things right the second time round and leave some things to do after, you end up getting a nice chunk of money. It does make me wonder since John gets all his stuff and not his money, if someone else had taken it or he gave it to someone before he died.
  6. I haven't gotten it simply because I am not playing the game enough to toss real money at it. I might get it in the future if it is still a thing but not before the main issues in the game are fixed.
  7. For those of you who are asking: Sign in to your Xbox One console. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select Settings > All Settings > System > Language & location. Select your new location from the Location list, and then select Restart now. For PS4, you will need to make a new account or use a VPN, which is something I have no experience with.
  8. Ended up hopping on the console version to do the update and see what happened. Not many changes I can notice. Still very few animal spawns and the online lobbies in general seem to be dead not just from the lack of players either. Here's to hoping something gets done sooner than later or I will be another one to shelf the game.
  9. GTA V on PC can be messy but I still think it has more playability overall compared to RDR2 online for PC. Imagine if there were as many hackers and modders on RDR2 as there is on GTA V... That would be an absolute nightmare.
  10. I read that people who have recently been vaccinated for anything need to be careful too. This is because vaccines temporarily weaken the immune system so getting a virus like this can lead to complications and a longer recovery. A lot of people are just drawn to panic when they see others doing it. Can't blame the media for all of it. It is their job to inform us. Whether they get it right or wrong is another story.
  11. I don't know what it is be it a lack on Rockstar's part to enforce their own rules or players just being too much for them to handle but the hacking and modding stuff is likely never going to go away, not completely. They allow mods offline which opens the game up enough for people to use them online, even though this is against their rules.
  12. No matter how many people complain about these players, not much is being done about them and I don't think we will ever get this kind of option. Would be nice but don't hold your breath. They hardly seem to be listening to players anymore.
  13. They wanted to take from RDR and GTA V with the inspiration for RDR2 online which I could understand but they seemed to have things better under control with the first game online vs now. They just seem overwhelmed.
  14. I think this is an issue they are working on. Might be worth hitting them up on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RockstarSupport
  15. I could picture all the people obsessed with zombies losing it with "I told you so!" and then you have the ones who have "shelters" with stocked up food in their basements we all think are crazy, we'll be hitting them up first. lol
  16. Chiefs by 7. I can't see the 49ers winning this one but they won't get blown out by them either. Just winning with a TD.
  17. I am talking like 2008 to 2012. Maybe they have improved since I owned their TVs. I hadn't heard of Samsung doing that, pretty interesting. And yeah LG seems to have the best quality over all. They tend to be out of my price range every time I had been in the market for a TV, at least for what specs I would want.
  18. Yeah I reported the issues a few weeks back. I know others have. I saw some people complaining about it on Reddit and the GTA forum. Hoping it gets sorted soon. It is a pain when I want to switch lobbies because of lack of animal spans or horrible players.
  19. Pretty much this. There just aren't people in your area playing it. I know with all the players, it is hard to believe but it happens.
  20. In my experience, nothing. I have reported a few players only to see them online a week or two later messing with other players. I am sure something gets done sometimes but nothing was done in my case.
  21. Currently have a migraine. I ended up falling asleep for awhile thinking laying down might help but it came back. Sucks man. Hoping it goes away after I sleep for the night.
  22. Welcome to the forum. Yeah, you aren't the only one. The bugs and issues can be a pain but the game is amazing in spite of them so it says a lot about the title.
  23. I got this a few years ago, without the wall mount: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UN50NU6900-Cleaner-SurgePro-6-Outlet/dp/B07HDLWHV7 I believe I paid $600 for it at the time. Amazing how prices drop so fast for TV these days. Never liked Vizio TVs. I gone through 3 of them and they all had issues within the first year of owning them. I stick with Samsung now. Never had problems with those.
  24. My bad this was for online. Like the winter update they had recently with the Christmas stuff. A bit late but I figured I would still respond.
  25. It is easy to tame horses, like mentioned. There is no need to do what you mentioned, the only thing it will do is slow down the process and waste a revive.
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