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Outlaws vs. Lawmen 32 Players Online Mode Suggestion


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Survival in an innovative Outlaw vs. Lawmen System

Setup: 32 Players, Big Area (e.g. New Austin), No Weapons from the start, Empty Cores, NPCs

Factions: 28 outlaws, 4 lawmen (multiple lives, respawn at the sheriff's office, rudimentary weapons)

Gameplay Loop: random spawn, loot for food, weapons and ammo. Lawmen need to track down the outlaws while the outlaws can hide in plain sight (e.g saloon, on a stagecoach, same clothing as NPCs), there shouldn't be any indication if a character is a player or an NPCs. Lawmen would need to analyze their movement and/or observe them beforehand. no minimap and free aim for a high skill ceiling. Either the Lawmen win, by killing all the outlaws with their limited respawns, or one skilled outlaw takes the glory (or two depending on co-op). The lawmen dont have to be taken care of completely, they could still have lives left, but would still lose if one outlaw kills all others. This would make for two completely different gameplay loops in one separate mode which will combine in a true western survival.

There could even be some E-Sports potential in a 7vs7vs7vs7vs4 Faction War Mode. (4 Posses of 7 Outlaws, and 4 respawning Lawmen)


Open to constructive discussion

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