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Hey guys imma try to keep this short. Now, where should I even start? The past couple of days have been so much fun! It's only been 2 days since the multiplayer has been released  and my posse and I have put in 24 hours plus on it already. As the leader of the posse I find myself inviting tons of people to my tangent posse. Well I'm having to kick older members to let in new ones. If we could make the over all max in a posse like 100 or something that would be incredibly convenient. Keep parties at 7 but havinv to delete friends out of the "clan" so others can join is rather annoying. Also it would be cool to stay in my posse in the mini games! Fantastic game! In lvl 20 and Hardly any complaints. I wished I streamed my first two days because they were so much ****ing fun!!

Feel free to join the fun by sending me a friend request

PSN: Bluspartan27 

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Fyi.....   This is not an official R* site.  Unless you're talking about the club / posse tool that is available here (https://www.rdr2.org/forums/clubs/) they have no control over what you're talking about.

Having said that, have you thought about creating a PSN Community and getting your folks to join that?  Personally, I find that to be much more convenient as you can view who's playing the game, send messages, join others games, etc.  

I guess I'm just old but I have no idea what a "tangent" posse would be.  

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