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No idea but a quick Google search gave this approximation on some popular games:


Approximate data usage for popular games
Title  &  Data Per Hour

Fortnite data usage    100MB
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) data usage    40MB
Dota 2 data usage    120MB
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive data usage    250MB
Team Fortress 2 data usage    80MB
Call of Duty: World War II data usage    40MB
Overwatch data usage    135MB
World of Warcraft data usage    40MB
Destiny 2 data usage    300MB
League of Legends data usage    45MB
Warframe data usage    115MB
Rainbow Six Siege data usage    70MB
Rocket League data usage    40MB
Hearthstone data usage    3MB


Just remember that usage can vary and depend on a number of factors including the # of players in a session, whether you're hosting on a peer to peer connection, etc.  THe big data users are streaming services (Netflix, YouTube, music, etc.).  Plan for the worst and hope for the best.  

Sounds like you're capped on how much you use a month? If you have a way to tell what your usage is in a given period of time, play a session or two and see how much you use.

I honestly don't know how that whole limited data model works as I have always just paid a flat fee and never needed or even cared to know how much I use.  Good luck.

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