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  1. Are you missing anything else in the game by chance? I have had things showing as incomplete and then they randomly showed as complete after doing something else. If you know there is another thing you have to finish, try that and see what happens.
  2. Likely just someone being silly/funny my guess. I have done this on other forums before just to see who would get upset. In some places on the internet... You'd be surprised how little it takes (don't say anything bad about Sonic to Sonic fans...).
  3. For a while, I couldn't get into other games. I am at a point now where I played RDR2 enough to be satisfied with it and I am playing things I had been putting off. I am able to enjoy them as well. I tried playing a few things back in January and just couldn't get into them.
  4. Facts. I had to get my friend off the buying food bandwagon. He was wasting so much money when he could have just stocked up from looting.
  5. I am sure they will be good about compensating gold to players if they were having trouble with this. They want people to stick it out while they finish testing and patching the game. It would be silly to just ignore this.
  6. Nothing that I read mentioned this lately. Might be worth contacting them and seeing if it is being worked on. Maybe it will be done for the next update. I feel you on this though. If I am carrying a lot, I skip out on events.
  7. Most people I have come across are chill about these scenarios. They just call out their kill and so long as you don't take it, you don't bite the bullet. This still made for a funny and entertaining story though!
  8. You can still check in now and then just for the off-topic banter, no need to leave entirely. I been here for some time and I like seeing people stick around, sucks seeing you leave
  9. Hitting 80 in a few days, first time this year. I plan on going over to my parents and helping with some yard work. They need the garden bed dug up and cleaned out. My dad can't do it, getting surgery soon for his knees.
  10. It was a sad sight. I have no ties with any churches but a piece of history that old going up in flames turns my stomach a bit. I saw clips of people crying. I saw some of others smiling and laughing. It seems everyone has a different take on this.
  11. I haven't been playing a whole lot as of late, just been too busy. When I do have time to play I get fed up with other players more and more. Like I wouldn't mind so much if I was rolling with someone but the friends I normally play with are on at different times or too busy as well. So lately when I do play, I play solo and mostly focus on hunting and saving up cash.
  12. Well I am glad this was sorted. They probably would have had too hard of a time taking back the items so that is understandable.
  13. Hell yeah! They can have other players drive the wagons. Like you have to be in the town area and if they call for a ride, you go over and get paid to take them home.
  14. I am fine with there being a PvP mode as the main core of the online game but they need to understand that not everyone wants to play like this. I am all for this mode and I will contact them as well.
  15. Are you bothered by it? I mean I picked up on some of this but it didn't bother me. Politics has been in everything for many many years. People are only more aware of it now because it became a mainstream thing that people openly crap on each other over. Watch old TV shows and play old games with stories, you will see what I mean.
  16. I don't want to. I am opting out this year. If work wants to complain, I will just tell them I identify as living in another timezone. lol
  17. YES! This is one of the most ludicrous things in the game. Like if you want to be a shitty player, other players should have a way of knowing. If I can run around and screw people over and ruin my rep and then throw a few bucks at Rockstar to clean my name, it is just a crap move.
  18. I thought I would give this a bump with a bit of a serious question... Mainstream News Media or Independent Reporters? I am asking because I see a lot of people really tearing into companies lately. Yahoo, Vox, Buzzfeed, and several others fired a lot of their writers.
  19. Unless I am actually looking for stuff, I have no idea man. I do like my buddy's set up. If I go there tomorrow, I will try to remember to snap a picture.
  20. I am just worried they will overdo it. I have seen some great games be destroyed by microtransactions and becoming a pay-to-win type of game. Like if it starts to get unfair unless you are buying stuff, I will jump ship. I played the story and loved it so I got my money's worth. I can easily walk away if they want to pull this crap.
  21. I have seen this mentioned enough times that I would like to think it will be a thing eventually. I don't mind how it is now but sometimes I just don't wanna deal with the pvp aspect of the game. You can't really avoid it though.
  22. I am so happy to see older gamers on here. I only know a few over 35 and they aren't actively part of forums. Some don't really even know how to use a computer outside of basic tasks. I guess you can tell when a person has been invested in gaming and computers most of their life.
  23. If you put it on the back of your horse and you only have the option to discard it, it likely went bad or is low quality. I would imagine you are trying to take it off to sell it right?
  24. Good to know. Now if it was only this easy to avoid people in real life... Everything would be golden. LOL
  25. I never noticed too many issues here myself but I can't say that I was actually looking lol I am sure this is something they will get fixed.
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