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Yup, Dup, Hup …. What?


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It is maybe important for people to realise that I do not ever return to posts, that I do not take part in debates. So this is a statement of my view of this game on-line ... I think what I think and there you go.... Only you upset yourself, not me.

The classic way to present a topic when speaking or when writing is: Tell them what you are going to tell them... Tell them ….... Tell them what you have told them

Tell them ….. Red Dead On-line is severely and mysteriously flawed.... Mysterious because the original story mode must be one of the greatest all time games of the RP genre... Severely flawed because:


  • Yup, Dup, Hup and other such weird and overly loud noises are uttered by ones character to your horse.... Yet the character is otherwise mute …... Why is the character mute? It is ludicrous, there is no possible reason for it.... Whilst I do not expect him or her to give a speech at the UN Security council... The odd 'Howdy', Thank you', 'Yes' & 'No' would be useful and more realistic

  • Why is it so hard to earn any money? One robs a stagecoach for it's silver, you deliver said silver and gain $2.50 and 0.05 of a bar of gold..... What? Why not keep the silver? …. Then I get attacked out of the blue by a band of O'Driscolls... My looting the subsequent dead did not even give me enough to pay for the Horse Reviver @$9.50 which I had to use when they shot my horse.

  • It is $20+ for a bandanna in game .... which nicely sets the tone for the utterly stupid high prices of everything from clothes to guns to horses... to the camp

  • What is it with the camp? Why does it cost? Why does it never appear where I am but two KM's away? Why can I not sleep there? Why does the white flag not cover me across the game? Because I have zero interest in any interaction with anything but Ai... Myself I despise people in real life, I do not wish to interact with them in any fashion in a game or anywhere else.

  • Why do the Sheriff tasks require 2-4 players, not 1-4 players? I do not want to mix with anyone, play with anyone or be entertainment for anyone... Nor do I wish anyone else to be my entertainment... I just want to be left alone. I want to pay MY money and play MY game..... 100% alone.

  • What is it with the horses? Firstly why the nag, when your main horse is tucked up in the stable? What is the point of that? When returning to on-line, the nag appears... why? Why can I not steal and saddle horses? Why is it I cannot capture wild horses and either saddle them or even sell them?

  • Why when I go on a mission does it come up “Other players can now attack you!” - Why? Do they wish to take the whole $2.60 I am earning maybe? Reality is that I am already making next to no money and now I have to waste more bullets?

  • Why can't I get a bath or sleep in a hotel? For what possible reason does this make sense?

  • Today the map has been basically clear, a couple of pink dots this morning and since then, nothing – GOOD … But why? Have I found some magic setting by accident? What gives?


I am sure there are many other issues but these are the initial ones which personally strike me ..... It's too expensive in game, way too hard to make money and it has some very confused game play when the 'story' is so beautifully put together.

Whilst refusing to play GTA V on-line because of all the toxic little fools, we all know it has Shark cards …. Maybe RDR2 On-Line will have Bandit cards starting at maybe $100 to buy with your credit card ..... Then you might be able to get a proper horse, a change of clothes, a decent gun or two and even a bandanna.

Yes I have certainly complained to Rock Star on the complaints, my apologies, “feedback page” but as I told them..... 500 characters to complain about this deeply flawed article of a game is not sufficient; 50,000 would be far more useful.

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No real comment regarding your criticisms, most of them are justified others less so due to it being the beta however do I have a question regarding "Today the map has been basically clear, a couple of pink dots this morning and since then, nothing – GOOD … But why? Have I found some magic setting by accident? What gives?".

Basically clear or entirely empty? My session all day today I've had the map entirely to myself, it's been heaven. I've been wondering myself weather it's a bug or not. 

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I largely agree with your points, would be nice to respond with "Howdy", "...Fellers", "Ma'am/Mister" to NPCs. Coming from SP, I constantly respond to passerbys so to be unable to in MP is annoying. Especially would be nice to "Defuse" when semi-aggressive NPCs get agitated when passing and they pull their irons out. (or Antagonize, if that's your flavour)

Bathing would be nice, as my character is often dirty. I can see why there's no Hotel use in MP because you can't advance time. Perhaps you can rent a room and lay on the bed for a few seconds to recover your cores, without manipulating time. Then you have the opportunity to change clothes or would be funny to sneak into other players rooms and search drawers for items.

Sheriff missions should be 1-4 players. Tons of griefers harangue the missions just to steal others horses, and I don't want other players influencing my honour levels by vote.

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