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Monk in St Denis


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Was he showing up on your map, or radar, for a mission? Some of the side/character missions only show up during certain times of the day in the game. Generally, I've noticed during daytime hours more are available. Then when it starts to get dark out, they disappear, as if they went home for the night.

If he was showing up on your map, or radar, but you couldn't find him then try these 2 things:

1 - check that he's on the same level as you. Like he's not on the 2nd story of a building, and you are on the ground floor. I think there has been at least one mission where I had to go upstairs to continue it. And not be on the floor underneath. This was mid-mission. But, maybe it might apply for the start of a mission. 

2 - save your game, close the game, restart and reload your game. That usually seems to fix any bugginess the game is doing. 

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