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  1. Thanks. In the console version, there are plenty of times that it becomes advantageous to switch out your ammo. With either ammo you bought, or ammo you crafted. This reminds me, I'll need to keep a small notepad nearby. To jot down the various keys required to do various things in the game. The game has many complex systems going on. To simulate many things in the game world. All together it works really well. But, I will sometimes forget how to do, or what to press, to accomplish various things. This happened on Console when I played it with controller. And is happening on the PC. I'm playing through the intro, and got that mission with the 1st big shootout where you get the dynamite for the train. And I forgot what keyboard button to press to use cover! And I died.
  2. I can see that. It reminds me of harvesting and gathering in other games, like in WOW or Dead Man's Sky. How exciting is that? Not very exciting. But I find that aspect very relaxing.
  3. Yes I'm playing it. I'm a big fan of Hideo Kojima's games. Ever since MGS1. Played most of his MGS games. Really enjoyied MGSV. Remember the controversy and drama with him and Konami's breakup. So when this game was announced, I was very curious to see what comes of it. The trailers made it look visually stunning and impressive. But what the heck was going on!? What kind of game is this? I took the plunge and got it. Started playing it last week when it went live. It is weird. It is trippy. It's like being in someone else's dream. I am only a few hours into it. I am enjoying it. Most of my missions have been delivery missions. Where "stuff" happens. Being intentionally vague as to not be spoilery. These missions are oddly relaxing. Before "stuff" happens. It's like hiking in real life, where you try to figure out the best way to go from point A to point B. You can wind up in dangerous terrain if you are too hasty. It's a walking simulator. I know that may sound lame for a game, but it's actually fun. When "stuff" happens, it then starts to remind me of being stealthy in MGS games. Very tense. Scary when it goes south. I'm playing on Hard difficulty. It feels like a good challenge. I wanted to see what happens when I didn't get away from one of these encounters. I was able to respawn nearby. But now it looks like there is a ginormous crater where that went down. Hmmm ... I wonder what happens if I lose multiple times? Also, no boss fights yet. The game has an online component. But is not multiplayer. So things other players do in their world, building objects, can show up in my world. And I can use them to help me out. And vice versa with me building things, that players in their own games can interact with. I imagine this game is going to split people. Some folks like me are going to really like it. Others are not.
  4. When I used a PS4 controller on my Windows PC for gaming, I had to use this additional free software called DS4 for it to work. At the time, it did not have rumble support. Otherwise it worked pretty similar to an XBOX controller. http://ds4windows.com/ Here is a video guide. I ended up getting an XBOX controller to use instead. For it was confusing to me to have the game tell me to hit A/B/X/Y referencing XBOX controller, when my PS4 Controller is Squard/Circle/Triangle/X. Also at the time, I really wanted that rumble support. This was a few years back.
  5. Hi, I see Digital Foundry released a new video on this topic.
  6. You hit V to cycle between like 4 views. 1st person, 3rd person, 3rd person further away, 3rd person furthest away.
  7. The game is great in the freedom it grants you. Want to wear the White hat, Black Hat, or maybe something in between? As the game progresses, and you explore, you'll find some areas are easier than others in regards to being an outlaw. That game has many great moments with playing out the consequences of your actions. I remember visiting that first town with the saloon. What it's called? I was trying to do something, and then BOOM my gun accidentally goes off shooting the guy. And then that set off this wonderfully chaotic chain of events with me trying to get out of dodge. So much fun.
  8. Volt

    Playble Offline on PC?

    Opps, I misunderstood. I found this response on R* support page. https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360035474074/Playing-games-offline-from-the-Rockstar-Games-Launcher
  9. I had a little trouble with the Keyboard Configuration in Settings for the game. Using the mouse to select something, to change it, was inconsistent. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it did not with making the change. Weird, huh? But then I figured it out! Here is my example. I wanted to configure the default key for Push to Talk fron the 'N' key to my mouse 4 button (the one closest to my thumb). I used the Arrow keys to scroll down and select that box for 'N'. It looks like there are 2 boxes. So I think you can assign 2 keys/buttons to it. I used the ENTER key to select that box with the 'N'. The highlight changed slightly to indicate it was ready to receive my new choice. I hit MB # 4. It took the selection. I think you then have to hit the key at the bottom right to confirm you change, so it takes. Note: If later decide to reset things to they're default values, then I think it does that for everything in you settings. If you try to assign it a key/button already in use, it will give you a warning about that. I think it will get rid of the old choice, and now use your new choice. Also, using the arrow keys now allows me to adjust gradually the Graphics setting for (Performance/Balanced/Quality) slider. Using the mouse didn't work.
  10. Volt

    Playble Offline on PC?

    My guess is no. You will not be able to play RDR2 Online mode offline. However, if you can do that on the console version, then I'd imagine you could also do it on the PC version. I have RDR2 on the PS4. I never tried doing that when playing online mode. I recently got RDR2 for PC and played it a tiny bit. Have not done online mode on PC yet. Just hadn't had time yet.
  11. Volt

    PC Screenshots?

    Last night I took some screenshots with the GeForce Experience overlay app. But I didn't try looking at them. I've used it for other games, and it works fine. I'm able to view them in Windows, and upload them to social media and other forums. Looking into Rockstar's proprietary screen-captures, someone posted the following with GTAV. The poster says you can copy the images, and add a .jpg to it's name. And then you can view them as .jpgs. Though it sounds like R* reduces the image size for some reason. https://steamcommunity.com/app/271590/discussions/0/611703709831062855/
  12. Volt

    PC Screenshots?

    Hmmmm off the top of my head it might be in a subfolder in your Username folder. Something like C:\Users\UserName\then one of these subfolders. It could be in C:\Users\UserName\MyGames\Rockstar\RedDeadRedemption2 You might be able to find it in RDR2. Take a pic. Then there might be an option to reveal in Finder(or folder - sorry using Mac at work ). Like how Steam does it. If it does allow that, then it will show you where the folder is on your computer.
  13. Volt

    horses disappearing

    Is this in online mode? I don't think it will allow you to keep it. At least that was my experience the couple times I tried to do that in online mode. You have to buy them. In Storymode (single player), it is suppose to allow you to keep it. So that can be a way to get horses without paying for them.
  14. I was getting horrible stuttering during the game's intro and controlling Arthur in the snow following Dutch. It was so bad and unplayable I had to quit out of the game. I found the guide you linked. I only changed the API from Vulcan to DX12. And holy smokes it fixed things for me! I only played through the first mission with that cabin. God damn the game's music is great, isn't it? But I'm going off topic. Anyways, I spent the rest of my time experimenting with the settings. I even tried maxing all the settings out. Got around 30fps @ 3440x1440 in the snow with Dutch. Then switched it back to the default graphic settings. Which said it went back to Vulcan and locking the Advanced graphics mode. To my surprise, the game played normally. It was getting late and I called it a night. I think one of the recent Doom games I have uses Vulcan API. And that played fantastic on my rig. So I suspect, like the article above says, that it has to do with the game not being properly optimized. I have faith R* will patch and improve things.
  15. Basically you get to play with other players. It's separate from the single player Story mode. It can involve doing things cooperatively, or against, or even by your self in some remote section of the map. If you are new to RDR2, then you might want to play the story mode until you get familiar with playing the game. Here is an article on it. https://www.gamesradar.com/red-dead-online-guide-walkthrough/
  16. I was using the default settings and I was getting really bad intermittent freezing. This was at the beginning of the game during the intros. And during the first time you get to control yourself on horseback while following Dutch through the snow. So much so as the game was unplayable. And quit out of the game. But I found a fix! Taken from the link below. I changed my API from Vulcan to DX12. No more intermittent freezing! CHANGE API I am 99% sure that the freezes were happening due to the Vulkan API. There was a similar problem in the game World War Z where I would get extremely low frame rates after switching from DirectX to Vulkan. Here is how to change you API: Go Settings Click on Graphics Look for the setting that says Graphics API Change it to DirectX 12 https://frondtech.com/freezing-and-stuttering-fix-red-dead-redemption-2-rdr2/ Playing the game a little bit more I experimented switching the API back to Vulcan. To my surprise that worked fine too.
  17. Volt

    Physical Disc For PC?

    I remember getting my first external CD-ROM player for PC gaming. I think it was a NEC 2x or 3x speed, that I got from COMPUSA. It was a really nice improvement from installing games instead of using floppies. Now a days I prefer having digital copies of games. For both PC and Console. With a fast enough internet connection, getting and installing games is convenient and PDQ. My hone internet is 100megabit per second (ISP may have increased that to 200mbs), and no data caps. So i think it took a hour or so to pre-load RDR2 (around 100Gigabytes). When I got my PS4 in 2015 I bought a couple of disc games. I think it was Bloodborne, Destiny and Diablo 3. But I got impatient with having to get up off my couch to swap out discs when wanting to play something else. It seemed such a slower process than playing with digital copies on my PC. Perhaps the best benefit with Console gamin with discs, is you can lend/borrow games out with your buddy. Since you buy the disc game, and are able to play it on any console that has that disc in it. You can also sell/trade in your old disc games with some stores, and other people. But I don't know how well Gamestop is doing theses days. I upgraded to a PS4PRO and wanted to try out co-op gaming with both consoles at home. I soon learned of an added benefit to having a digital copy of the game. You can set it up so that 2 people, on 2 different machines can effectively share that 1 digital copy of the game. I'm pretty sure you can also do this on XBOX. At my home, it's great fun to play co-op like that. Dying Light and Overwatch are pretty cool played like this. If my internet connection was poor, or non existent, then I would need to use discs.
  18. Volt

    RDR2 PC Trial?

  19. You can use a PS4 controller on the PC. I tried that a few years back, The guides I saw said I needed to use a free program DS4 to get it to work. http://ds4windows.com/ It worked. It treats the PS4 controller just like a XBOX controller. But there was no rumble support at the time. And all in game support still references the XBOX button scheme; X,Y,A,B. That was a little confusing for me when I'd look at the PS4's button Square, Triangle, X, Circle. I ended up getting a XBONE controller. Note: The link above says it now supports rumble. I should try it out again. I have 1 XBONE controller, and several PS4 controllers. I also have a PS4. I saw this video guide on how to use it.
  20. I'm downloading the pre-load too.
  21. Checking out R*'s webpage now, your pre-purchase just gets you 1 free PC title. So that got changed sometime when I pre-purchased and got 2 free games, and you pre-purchased and got 1 game. https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/pc
  22. I would not expect it to do that. Here is an example of another game. I bought Grim Dawn off Good Old Games. GOG has a similar achievement system like Steam does. As I play the game, I earn achievements that pop up in the GOG overlay. If I look at the GOG launcher it lists my achievements. I am able to add a non steam game to my steam library. But it's just a short cut added. So I added my GOG version of Grim Dawn to my Steam library. And it's just a short cut. I then buy the Steam version of Grim Dawn. That lists right alongside in my library my GOG version of Grim Dawn. But only the Steam version of Grim Dawn lists achievements when viewed in the Steam client. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2219-YDJV-5557
  23. I plan to go with the PS5. To replace my PS4Pro. Having a gaming PC makes this choice easier. Any exclusives to the XBOX also come out to the PC. So I got that covered. I originally got the PS4, just to be able to play the exclusive for PS4 Bloodborne. Playing with RL friends can be a lot of fun. So there is still time for me to change my mind and going with Scarlet.
  24. I wasn't exactly too excited about getting another game launcher for my PC. This is in regards to R* new launcher from a month or so ago. Personally I'd prefer getting this on Steam. I like Steam for several reasons; Forums, user reviews, listing friends games, achievements, being able to buy Steam keys for cheaper elsewhere and redeeming them on Steam. But it's not coming to Steam until December. And R*'s launcher/store has the $20s off + some free older games. So I got it there. Installing the 2 free games I've never played before worked fine; Bully and LA Noire. Tip : I found it helpful to pin my multiple game launchers on the taskbar. There is still room. For now.
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