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Help! Patchy pixated picture when moving.


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Hello all,

I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m totally untechy and im not sure what has suddenly cause the issue I am having... I have played RDR2 for 60 hours plus and only today has this issue accorded.

The game pictures goes pixilated and jittery around the character specifically when moving. It happens when moving fast and it’s always in patches. When I’m riding towards mountains or something  all the mountains go blurred and pixelated. You then pan around and then everything else is pixilated or smudged. It clears up when you stand still but as soon as you run off it goes all weird. I

My TV is brand new, it’s 4K ultra HD but don’t know if I play the game in any of those modes. It hasn’t been a problem until today.

Could it be the game disc or cable or TV?

Thanks everyone.






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16 hours ago, DiamondDave said:

I'd check the cable first. It wouldn't matter with the disc cause the game downloads into the system. 

If it isn't the cable, then contact Rockstar. I know they been doing updates so many something got messed up. 

They've only released 1 update since the game was released, that was what 2 weeks ago?  so if this just started happening, i really doubt it's the patch.  I would go with the cable first also.  make sure it's got a good connection, not loose or wiggly, swap with another cable maybe, see if it happens still.  Might be a setting that got accidentally changed in game or on the TV.  check that out too.

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