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  1. I would love this as an option whilst hunting. Imagine having your dog with you and sitting near you but off in the distance taking cover. He can be watching your horse and your back. If he barks, it will let you know another player is approaching you or your horse so you have time to defend yourself.
  2. This may not work for everyone but my buddy swears it worked for him. The easy fix? Reset your router. Some will give you a new IP, others won't unless you do a long press into the reset button. Either way, he said for some reason this worked.
  3. I like to play on the fence. Let the other people come to me and have a game plan to take them down. I have never been good at running and gunning.
  4. Are people abusing this feature? It seems like you can get a literal goldmine restarting every single time, even if it is only one gold bar each time.
  5. Some people got bored and quit the game already, other take breaks, and some just make their own fun. Why not just think of creative games you and your posse can play together? I know it sucks having to wait but they likely won't add anything DLC related until the game is near ending beta or out of it completely.
  6. My buddy never had this issue and he is on Xbox. Have you contacted them about it yet? I would ask around but he is the only one I know that is above a level 160.
  7. Does anyone know off hand which bird can get you the most money? I was going to make a thread for it but I thought I would just ask here.
  8. They need to get their crap together with this already. I have had issues with this myself. I think now that the trolls are more aware of it, they are just on the hunt for people to screw over.
  9. I can bet you that Rockstar ads them in the future just because it would likely be an OP weapon. I am not bothered with it either way. I am sure some hunters used them in the late 1800's but I would guess it was more of northern than a southern thing.
  10. That is one magnificent beard right there. I want to achieve that online. Is that doable there yet? Has anyone tried? I never got Arthur's beard even close to that burly face bush.
  11. Thanks for sharing this man. I just had a friend of mine asking what to do and I couldn't figure it out. I will let him know and see if it works out for him.
  12. So basically riding horses suck at life and superior horses are OP as heck. lol I think most of the horses I have has were race or work. Which one is best for hunting? War horses?
  13. He needs to get in touch with them and pocket some money for this. I know quite a number of people who would buy one, including myself.
  14. I think the filter system is a bit too touchy and there isn't a way to turn it off, unfortunately. They put it in place to protect the game rating. As for the name, maybe it has something to do with "rica" which can be used to insult Puerto Ricans perhaps? I am not entirely sure.
  15. I was playing it at a friend's and ended up buying it. Been playing that for the last few weeks. It really is a fantastic game. I almost didn't even bother with it. Glad I did.
  16. Belated welcome. I'll probably add you soon. I usually add anyone who gives out their usernames. If we game together, we do if not, I am sure we will just be shuffled off each other's list lol
  17. In general for just in RDR2? I did with other games but not this one. I just don't see the point for modern gaming as it is a lot easier than video games used to be.
  18. I keep trying to spend more time online but I get pretty frustrated with people. It is good to come across people like this though. I seldom do. People either keep to themselves or troll each other.
  19. Ocarina of Time for me as well. Nothing has ever been able to come close on the 64 for me. I still play it now and then today. I unfortunately lost track of my 64 in a move a few years back so I have to play it on an emulator.
  20. Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find plenty of others who think like you here. I think for the most part, we are all mature gamers here.
  21. Welcome to the forum. Hope you make yourself right at home here. This is one of the best communities I have been a part of in a long time.
  22. Belated welcome! I have to say that I wish I had grown up in a small town. Always had a love for a close little community. I grew up in a suburban area right outside a major city.
  23. Welcome to the forum, @Bag of Nuts . Do you live in South Africa? I think I understood that right. If so, how is the wildlife there? I always hear of some interesting stories.
  24. Welcome to the forum. I think a lot of people can trace back history of their family that they aren't proud of, heck I think everyone can. lol I think my family played a role in a lot of witch hunts back in the day.
  25. I had this happen to me once or twice. If you are in the middle of a mission, either finish it or fail it. Alternatively, you just make sure to save right before going into a mission so if you need to stop playing, you won't lose previous gameplay. If you have auto-save on then it shouldn't be an issue to just quit playing.
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