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  1. Honestly, don't pay much attention to this kind of thing. You could have told me nothing other than the game was coming out in October and I would have still gotten it. I like to give my 2 cents with the actual experience of the game. I don't think Stauss is purposely doing anything here.
  2. Dang these a slick! I had no idea they did music like this on YouTube. I must be falling behind in the times. I will check some others out.
  3. I don't really make any effort to avoid people, I just do things that interest me so wherever I go tends to have like-minded people. I think I avoid more people online these days then irl. Pretty sad.
  4. Why does this angle of John look a lot like Norman Reedus?
  5. Hmm well, a lot of this sounds fine and dandy but can I name my horse Ed? Seriously though... I want that horse just because it looks like it is on steroids. I am not sure how stats will be in this game but I am sure he will have good ones.
  6. You'd be surprised how fast YouTubers get gameplay up of new games. A lot of people like to get a taste of gameplay before buying. I have a few friends who do this. I would much rather be in the dark about 90% of the game but if I am unsure if I would like a game, I always look up gameplay before buying it. I already know I would like this one. I think this is what Rey meant.
  7. I said this years ago... People are going backward in terms of civilization. Yeah, technology is advancing but so many closed minded people want to live in a world where no one can do anything that offends anyone. No such world exists and the more they push to go one way, it will only have a stronger boomerang effect in the opposite direction. Oh well. I have my friends and my few places I enjoy talking with people online. That is all I need. Screw politics and close-minded narcissists.
  8. My guess is it would have to do with keeping leaks and such from getting out. They don't release several titles like many other devs so they rely a lot on their games pulling in tons of cash. Maybe part of the reason they keep everything under lock and key is to keep people interested and more likely to buy the game at full price VS seeing people playing it and deciding to wait till the price comes down.
  9. You mean we will see people getting hung? I thought that there was a bit of that in the last game or am I thinking of a different game?
  10. I am guessing them leaving has to do with her getting pregnant so I think when she learns she is pregnant, maybe John is the one to find a way out for them. I can't recall the exact age of Jack but given the years of this game and the last one, I would say Abagail got pregnant before they went on the run.
  11. Maybe they are pulling our strings? Or playing as someone else would be part of DLC? Ehh this kind of sucks in a way. I'm sure the game will be great without playing as someone else.
  12. Same here. I grew up with dogs and was just annoyed by them. If I do ever decide to get one be it for protection or whatnot, I will be finding the best breed for me and getting it as young as I can so it can be trained properly. So many people ruin dogs by not training them right and my mom and brother are two prime examples of this. Both their dogs are equally annoying and don't listen for crap.
  13. I'd be down for this. Based on what I have heard and see people talking about elsewhere, there is a good chance the hand to hand combat in this game will be greatly improved.
  14. I just said this. My friend and I were talking about it the other day and while I do really love John's character, I don't want to play him as a "coward" on the run. I would rather play as Dutch trying to stop him and then John successfully gets away.
  15. This sounds WAY more involved. I watched the video earlier today. If people are smart, this game will sell way more than GTA V and be considered the better game of the two but I am not sure that will happen. I am more excited to play it after watching this vs watching the last trailer.
  16. Logically speaking, also knowing the pattern here... It would make the most sense but I think I would prefer playing against him so maybe playing as Dutch instead. Could be alone on this one.
  17. I never heard of Nintendo being a threat to any game like this so it is very unlikely for their game releases to change anything on Xbox or Playstation.
  18. I know this wasn't done for GTA V but I thought it might be a good feature. They likely won't have it but it would be a good way to be able to play the game online with someone in person at their house. They can just do the ghosting profile thing and at a "(2)" to the end of the gamertag. If this was to be a feature, do you think it would get used?
  19. I think this is done using something on photoshop but I could be wrong. I only ever messed with gimp and even then, I am an amateur. haha
  20. Which one are you thinking? I remember back when we first seen the picture, I was sold on it being the middle man but we now know that is Arthur.
  21. Giving this a bump. Saw this on reddit. Not so much a meme but still very good PS skills. Some dude PS'd his friend into the RDR2 cover picture:
  22. I see a lot of people online and even a few of my buddies saying stuff about the lack of "information" or game related teases is a bad sign. I know a lot of us said this months ago and sure enough, it game got pushed back but how can people believe it is going to happen again? They have many months and I think they even gave themselves extra time to ensure the game is bug-free come launch.
  23. I don't blame anyone. Steam is great for that reason. They usually have 3 or 4 big sales a year and the summer one is the biggest. I am the same way. I will scout out games in May and put them on my wishlist then wait for the notifications to start popping in my inbox.
  24. This. Pretty much my thoughts on it as well. I would like to see him be initiated into the gang and a common way of doing that is offing someone else.
  25. I only pay full price for a game when I know I will enjoy it and get many, many hours out of it. I actually don't even buy Steam games unless they are on sale.
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