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  1. LinXX

    Google Stadia

    I think that it is best everyone just ignores Google until they stop with this idea. I heard they want control of the gaming industry and would require players to be on mic at all times while gaming. Not sure how true this is but screw Google man. They have enough power over the internet. I don't want them taking gaming too.
  2. Someone said they were reporting me for hacking when I accidentally killed them while hunting. Some people overreact on there and I am sure Rockstar is well aware people are like that.
  3. I am a bit late to this but holy crap this is gold! I love Archer man. Such a great man that you can stick in anywhere. (I did that on purpose )
  4. Not at all. I have way more fun playing with others online. I feel like I end up hiding out most of the time if I am not with my posse or at least riding with a few others.
  5. People did use them during this time period. I don't think it was as common but they have been around for a long, long time. I would imagine that Rockstar will add them in eventually.
  6. I like the feeling of wet grass on my feet. Everyone I know absolutely hates it. I grew up on a farm (12 years) so it wasn't something that was ever weird for me lol
  7. I get what you are saying but that is what the posse feature on the forum is for, no? Like you can request to join one or make your own and have others join it.
  8. I am about to eat a nice big bowl of pasta with some garlic bread. Just waiting on the bread to finish in the oven. Thought I would pop on here for a few
  9. They should add in another flag option where it puts your camp on guard so just crossing the boundaries, the NPCs will begin attacking the players.
  10. Same! I have a hard time going up against people who have years of experience in PVP games. When all was said and done, I just end up with less supplies and money.
  11. I joined a few servers where there was like 0 animal life. I was shocked. I couldn't even find a single bird let alone fish for anything. I left the server and rejoined into one that had animals. I think some servers are buggier than others.
  12. I am fine with PVP servers so long as people act respectively. This is hard to accomplish though when you have a game being played by 10 to 60-year-olds who all have different opinions on things and ways of playing. I got shot at the other day simply for not moving out of the way when someone was hunting. I was killed and lost a lot of stuff. Without warning I just hear someone say "fine don't move, I'll just kill you!" like how am I suppose to know I am in the way of something?
  13. I keep getting weird random glitches when doing just about anything and after the glitch, I just get disconnected from the server. I was able to play about an hour with nothing happening earlier but I was on just a bit ago and non-stop issues. I sent Rockstar a message about it. I didn't get a reply yet.
  14. Anyone else noticing this with other items? I did notice this with pelts right away but just general goods, I will sell them and not see any money appear on my account. Sometimes it will show up the next day but most of the time, it just isn't being awarded to me.
  15. I too have experienced times like this. It does happen but you have to be on a good server for it. I remember walking into a group getting drunk and then having races in the middle of the town. It was hilarious to watch and listen to. I think the one guy may have been streaming it.
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