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  1. Meh not needed. It is far more fun when you can hunt down gangs as a lone wolf. If you want to get good, practice. Then you can wreck people solo.
  2. Same here. I don't if they ran into issues, they need to tell their fan base. Like if something is wrong why not just say "hey we have some issues, we love you, news soon".
  3. That guy was just not having a very good day to say the least. I voted a 9/10. I am mad, not not severely angry.
  4. Bobby Battled Brian But Became Broken
  5. I think it would be best to just start fresh with a new student. It has been too many years to keep this one going. I guess if there was maybe a 20 year gap, the kid thing could work but not with only 11 years.
  6. The shooting the the first one was a bit off but I am sure they will correct it, hopefully. I also hope they don't do the fist combat like they did in GTA V. That was awful!
  7. Yes but I think this will be down to the PC fans. They will need to voice that they want it bad enough and then I think it will happen.
  8. When we get news, will it be coming on a Thursday or a Tuesday? I really don't know how they go about releasing gaming news. Seems like everyone is a bit different.
  9. I eat what I want when I want but if I do eat a lot of crap I make a point to be more active. I am not going to act like I am a health nut. I know I could eat better and take better care of myself but I feel great most days so *shrugs*
  10. While I do like GTA's covers, I like that RDR had its own and will more than likely continue to have its own. It would be silly to have all their games look alike for the sake of them being all under Rockstar.
  11. I would imagine it will be like GTA in the sense where we should be able to control it to some extent. I don't think they would miss out on an opportunity to allow people to do some crazy things.
  12. This is my first time seeing that sex offender video and holy crap that is hilarious! I love older 70's and 80's info safety messages. Going to see what else these guys do. I just watched it twice!
  13. Hey there, welcome! Glad to see some more people joining up. This place will be booming soon enough. No other forum like it out there. All the rest are just cluttered. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  14. Yes this would be a nice treat to be implemented in RDR2 for sure. GTA V having the endings being different was okay but nothing you did within the story truly impacted anything. They don't need to over think it either. They can use the basis of Fable and gauge moral if they wanted.
  15. Add in some baseball cause why not? They had it back then but it may have been more up north:
  16. Not sure if I am going to be buying this one but I know I will be at the very least watching someone play it on Youtube. I want to see how the story pans out. There being a child is an interesting angle to me.
  17. Sims would be a good model to base customization on. Obviously not in such detail but enough to allow the player to make the character resemble themselves or someone they what to look like.
  18. VampireKrush


    Yeah Rift is hot trash these days. My friend played that game for nearly 2 years and he even got sick of it. The community is dead and what is left are people who spend far too much time in virtual reality.
  19. The plot should center around the growth and peak of the gang. I don't think we need it to include John. Maybe lead up to the point where he joins then end the game. This would leave room for another game in the future where we can see John and be John in full swing again.
  20. Twitch is a pain to earn on. You have to have so many more followers on there to earn vs Youtube. Most people start on Youtube then go to Twitch, not the other way around. It is harder to gain a following if you don't have a base to build off of already.
  21. I am fine with it being just as good as the last one honestly. RDR2 was done so well. Also, welcome to the forum!
  22. Have seasons online been discussed? I feel like maybe going through seasons, like weather changes, would be a cool addition to the online game play. Like if they match it will real time. So say it is winter and you are in an area that sees snow, it will snow sometimes. Also, you will see your character's breath. I don't know about you guys but small touches like this really enhance a game for me.
  23. If this is a prequel, no. Unless... Did John kill someone off from his gang? I mean if he did and they do the protagonists, then sure why not. I think there was a lot left out about John's past that they could work with here and likely have.
  24. Hell if they want to, they can go beyond this and bring in cults. I don't know about you guys, but a good cult story is scary to me. They have had so many over the years. It would be very good too in the western setting.
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