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22 minutes ago, gamerfan1010 said:

Hello everyone; 


i have gotten 3-4 other knives in the game and am just wondering if they are available to me at all times if I hit L1 and go thru the items? I’m not at home to check at the moment 

Yes once you have them they will be in your inventory, you can press L1 and cycle through the different knives, just like the different pistols, rifles, hatchets, etc...


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16 hours ago, gamerfan1010 said:

@gigemaggs99ok good 😀I was wondering because when I pimped our ny guns at the gunsmith, the only knife I could customize was the basic one 

I've noticed this too, you can't customize other knives, other than the default one, you also can't customize the special pick-up weapons i.e. the 2nd sniper rifle, you can't upgrade the rifling, some of the pick up weapons look cool but you can't make them have better stats than the weapons you can buy and upgrade. It's nice to have both I think, gives us more options.

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