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  1. I couldn't agree more with the latter part of your statement. I've played many video games in my days, there are those I don't care for and then there are those that I enjoy. I usually go looking for a forum when I get stumped or am looking for some tips. I'm always amazed at how people will take their time to write up negative reviews and how much they dislike the game on a forum discussion, not a review board. I agree with you, there have been some games in the past I just don't care for and I sell them back or simply move on, I sure as heck do not seek out a forum to tell others how I don't like it. Different people like different games, if you want to review this game great, but if you want help or suggestions I think we are all here to help each other out, when someone comes with the perspective that can't really be helped it leaves all of us scratching our heads on how or what we should respond with.
  2. If all else fails you can do what my buddy did, he couldn't get rid of these "free horse" so he parked it on the train tracks. That did the trick.
  3. Sounds like they are giving you the pre-order horse. Is it grey? I also did the pre-order and it came with the war horse and a strange spotted thoroughbred. If you really don't want those horses (and believe I understand as you can get better ones pretty fast in the game) since you can't sell, here is what I did. I was on the thoroughbred that I couldn't sell or get rid of and I tamed a wild horse then I switched saddles from the thoroughbred and put it on the newly tamed horse. Then I left the thoroughbred there. Instead of whistling at him and having him follow me as the (secondary horse). Eventually he was out of "whistle distance" and eventually it went away. Fast forward a few days and now when I go to stable it shows the thoroughbred and war horse as horses I can "buy" for $0.00 so you technically never get rid of them but they also aren't taking up space in your stable. Hope this helps.
  4. I'm 42 and can't remember when I enjoyed a game this much. I played the first one, thought it was a lot fun but this one seems even better. I play the story mode. Offline is a different beast. I too like to take my time and do every quest, side mission, unlock every trapper outfit, etc... I don't enjoy these for online as much as online people seem to play fast and want to get to the end game, whatever that may be. I'm still not sure what the point of RDR2 online is yet....I go online in the free roam area and I want to hunt and collect money to buy better weapons and more gear and I get shot over and over. I'm perfectly fine with if they shoot you they get the pelts on your horse or can take your weapons or earn XP or something, but if killing another person in free roam doesn't do anything for a gain I don't understand the point. I stopped playing for a few days then went back in and some random invited me to join the posse, I did and it was the 2 of us in a posse he wanted to take on another posse, again I'm not sure for what exactly, but there were 12 of them, needless to say 2 v 12... we didn't fair well. I haven't played much online in RDR2 but as of now I'd say it's like the Dark Zone on The Division. You go in there as a single and 8-10+ will jump you, not to take your gear or loot but just to jump you for no better reason than they can. That in my opinion adds up to about 1-2 seconds of fun. So I find something else to do. Now if you could kill the other person in online and take their pelts and sell them or get their weapons then I can completely understand it but as it is now you just enter a big map of team death match with no end game.
  5. If you go to a different general store, different town do they sell the same outfit but in a different color?
  6. I climbed down the well and found the coins but didn't notice the carving on the wall. That's pretty sweet!
  7. I've noticed this too, you can't customize other knives, other than the default one, you also can't customize the special pick-up weapons i.e. the 2nd sniper rifle, you can't upgrade the rifling, some of the pick up weapons look cool but you can't make them have better stats than the weapons you can buy and upgrade. It's nice to have both I think, gives us more options.
  8. Yes once you have them they will be in your inventory, you can press L1 and cycle through the different knives, just like the different pistols, rifles, hatchets, etc...
  9. I don't know any locations but I have seen them in the evening and night hours. You'll see them in the sky, I've not see any one the ground but you can hear them, they have a screech sound, then you'll see their contours in the air. I used a varmint rifle to shoot one and got the feathers from it, they're actually pretty large birds/animals once you have them on the ground.
  10. You can also improve your horse stats buy upgrading the stirrups.
  11. ? about online play. It seems like or most of the items are pretty pricey so I figured I'd do some hunting and sell some pelts and meat to the butcher to raise some money. I have my horse loaded up and along comes a posse of 4, they destroy me and I die. I come back and all my pelts are gone. I'm thinking, well boo, but that's part of it. So I go out and see another person hunting, they have pelts and animals on their horse. I shoot them, they die and there horse is left. I go up to their horse and cannot take their pelts or animals. So my question is, what's the point? If you can kill other players but can't take their money or pelts, you don't gain anything from killing them other than "yay you killed them". Same holds true for the horses, I see all sorts of horses on the map, some have saddles, I jump on one and get a "horse thief" I take that horse to the stable and try and sell it but it tells me I cannot sell a stolen horse. I see wild horses and I brake one, take that one to the stable and it warps me back outside the stable and says he does not accept this kind of horse. What kind does he accept and where/what do you do with stolen horses and broken horses? I'm kinda confused on the online stuff, I know you can do missions and stranger quests, but the other stuff mentioned above I'm kinda lost on.
  12. This game has amazing details. I was in Saint Denis helping the painter with an art show and noticed the pictures hanging on the wall they were the photographs I helped the other guy take, horses, alligator, etc...this one was from the very first side mission way before the painter even entered the game. I'm impressed with the story lines and plots of this game.
  13. Jumped on Netflix tonight just to watch this series, the wife says there are other shows she might want to see but we're going to keep the free month starting out so we can watch this series. First 2 down, so far so good!
  14. I've been lucky in the 3 star pelts, I do like the others have suggested, look at the animal(s) first to find the 3 star, then I use the appropriate weapon and go for the headshot. I'd say it's a 90% success rate and the times it's not are because I miss the shot and have to shoot them twice or something I did wrong on my end. For trapping and selling I keep 2 & 3 star pelts. The 1 star are the ones I cook for personal consumption.
  15. a veces parece que el juego se puede atascar, cuando esto sucede yo intento otra misión o hacer otra tarea, entonces se restablece y volver.
  16. Creo que la valla está allí sólo en el día. El trampero está generalmente allí más de largo pero puede también salir en la noche. Si disparas un arma cerca de ellos, a veces se espantan por un día o algo así. Si se han ido su icono tendrá un símbolo de bloqueo.
  17. Abrir el mapa, a continuación, Mostrar todos los elementos, el trampero parece una pata de animal, la valla se ve como un almacén general con una X. lo siento por la mala traducción de inglés a español, espero que esto ayuda.
  18. I'm wanting to try this but I'm only in chapter 4, I'm weird like that and want to complete all the challenges, unlock all the trapper stuff, etc...My question is how on earth do you make to even close to blackwater? I tried to go hunting there ONCE and I didn't make it but 100 feet inside the "wanted dead or alive" border and BOOM about 12 bounty hunters just appeared out of nowhere and shotgunned me to death in about 2 seconds. How do you make it to blackwater and survive? Do you just have to cross the dam/border or do you have to make it all the way to town?
  19. I agree it would be sweet if you could sell weapons, I kill people all the time and they drop all sorts of revolvers, rifles, etc...I seem to have 1-2 of everything they drop but it would be cool if you could collect them and sell them at the gunsmith or the fence.
  20. I tried my first solo train robbing the other night, I made the mistake of not stopping the train first and after robbing 2 cars worth of people all heck broke loose with lawmen. I want to try it again and this time stop the train first, maybe that will help, any tips? I know after I robbed 2 cars worth of people, maybe....maybe got $50-60 worth of items then all heck broke loose and I shot my way out of it I had a $220 bounty for killing all the lawmen....so it wasn't really worth it plus my honor went down quite a bit.
  21. I don't know 100% but I think you'll find another. I made the same mistake with the neckless, I sold it to the fence then later Tilly asked for one at the camp. Later I found another neckless and gave it to her.
  22. Not yet, I just made it to chapter 4, been taking my time, mainly trapping. I'm about 98% complete with all the trapper outfits and only need 1-2 more items to complete the camp upgrades. I spend more time hunting and fishing also braking and selling horses than I do actually playing the missions LOL. I also spend a fair amount of time getting drunk at the saloon and playing poker, the things the AI people say make me laugh. The lines the stable owner south of Strawberry has are really funny!
  23. Deadwood is another good one. I've been watching it on hulu. https://youtu.be/mFIojradr4Y
  24. HOLY COW! Just watched a few trailers, I'll definitely be watching this! Thanks for the heads up. 😀
  25. I was out and about exploring and found these rocks, they spell out New Hanover, thought it was pretty cool.
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