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Maxim Machine Guns

Officer Sasquatch

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The only flaw, in my opinion, with the implementation of the machine guns from a gameplay perspective is how quirky they are to be so overpowered. The best example is Fort Mercer. When you approach the machine gun nest inside the Fort, and take cover next to the doorway, the machine gun will just ignore the wall of cover you duck behind and cut you in half! It was infuriating to have a legendary animal skin on my horse and lose it because machine guns can shoot through walls. Then auto save screws me with a fat “we saved your progress after you were killed by a glitch and lost you stuff, because WHY would you want to load a game of before that happened?”

I love this game, but the amount of frustration little things like that creates makes me want to YEET my screen through my window and blast it with a revolver.

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13 hours ago, DLKnives said:

But yeah I notice NPC's can shoot through stuff I can't.

Like the edge of the cliff just above Hanging Dog Ranch.  Thought i'd be safe from most if i killed the lookout on the tower with an arrow.  They have insanely super hearing, every O'Driscoll in the camp heard that bow string twang.  Then they were shooting through the hill and boulders to hit me, but i couldn't shoot back at them.

And btw, don't believe online if you're looking for a Bull hide that there's one there.  That's why i was killing them all this time.

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