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2 Truths 1 Lie


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We can do with some more forum games. So this is one I used to play on another forum. You basically state 3 things about yourself only one of them is a lie. The next person to post has to guess which is the lie. Once the lie is determined by a user, then the next person will do the same. I hope I am explaining this good enough lol

I will start us off!

1.) I was born outside the US

2.) I have been bitten by 5 different dogs

3. ) I jumped out of a plane once 

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This is actually hard considering I don't know anything about you. Two sound dangerous though so I am going to guess #1. So now I wait or do I post my own three? I have seen this before but the way you explained it sounds different. 

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These kinds of games never work the way you intend them too... So since we have two people who guessed and the OP hasn't been on, I am just going to assume we carry on lol

So here are mine:

1.) I don't know how to ski

2.) I don't know how to ride a bike

3.) I don't know who my real father is


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