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  1. Today was the first day this year that I nearly put on my AC. It was so muggy and hot in my house when I woke up, I felt like crap. I don't mind the summer but these in-between indecisive months are annoying. I hate going from heating to cooling in my house. I am hoping for this summer to not be as humid. That is what bugs me the most.
  2. Going to check this out tonight. Finally, have a weekend off from work and nothing going on so I am gaming all night. Thanks for the heads up. Add more if you got em!
  3. This is the case for most of them but not all of them. I had a troll bugging me for nearly an hour before he finally gave up. I didn't say anything and completely ignored him but he kept it up. I stayed seeing how long he'd last. Must have been extra special or extra lonely.
  4. I can't see how people giving up on the game is going to help them? The people who actually been buying stuff are helping them the most. I mean I know the company has butt tons of cash but this is a constant work in progress so having funding coming in for them to pay everyone working on the game helps. When people walk away from it, the game will likely only get worse. I saw it happen on steam with a few games. The fanbase started quitting so they started adding more crap to pay for and eventually became a pay to win game.
  5. I have been playing for a while so I am not sure why you didn't get any XP for gold. What was the exact daily challenge you did? Might be worth reporting this to Rockstar. They may have messed something up for newer players.
  6. My character looks to be in decent shape but the stats tell me otherwise. I guess he is overweight even though it isn't showing it or he isn't overweight and for some reason, he is being registered as such. I gave up trying to figure this out but more power to you for sticking it out for the rest of us and getting to the bottom of this.
  7. I got this from the game a bit but not as much as you did. This is the way of entertainment right now, at least in the US. They all leak their own political views into the games anymore. I just ignore it and if I can't, I don't play said game. I am fine with people losing their marbles over politics and thinking they know anything about how a country is run but when you start spoon feeding it to people who clearly don't want to eat, you can just piss off. lol
  8. Qu3ster


    I have tried it. My brother vapes. I can see the appeal over cigarettes as you don't smell like a dirty ashtray and it doesn't stain your clothes or anything in your house. I was tempted to get some 0 nicotine menthol vapor just because I love the cool feeling in my throat.
  9. Skull Candy is where it is at. I don't care how much I been told my headset is for female gamers. They can go suck a virtual tit. I love mine. Plus I am broke and can't afford anything better right now
  10. Maybe next year? I think they are too worried about the animal issue right now. Also, the game is still in beta so maybe all the fun seasonal/holiday stuff is planned for once we are out of testing.
  11. From what I hear, it is blocked off. I sent a message to Rockstar about it a few weeks back but never got a response. I was just wondering if you could get there or not. I am guessing not based on what I have read.
  12. I have been tempted to do this but I felt like I would be stooping down to their level. It is a toss up. If you feel the person deserved it, then, by all means, I would say go for it but if they are just playing the game and happen to be better than you or other players, I don't know if that is justifiable.
  13. Can we publically list off troll/griefer usernames? I have a handful that I am tempted to share here so if anyone crosses them, they know to avoid them like the pox. This one dude and his 2 buddies were getting off on screwing over some lower level new players and I stepped it and it probably wasn't a good idea. lol Just pisses me off when I see level 100+ players picking on small fries.
  14. Just don't eat a lot I guess? I mean I tried cutting back and it didn't make a difference. Maybe we are expected to starve our characters now. lol
  15. I was thinking the same damn thing! I went from having an issue with keeping weight on to turning into a bloated beached whale. I feel like my character is bound to have a massive heart attack the next time I have to walk more than 20 feet.
  16. I was debating on buying this. So who here has it and would recommend it? I am not tight on cash but I don't want to waste it either. Trying to have a nice savings built up for future weapon releases.
  17. My buddy was screwing around with this late last night. I told him I wasn't going to be playing with him while he is doing this. He made HUGE stacks of money too. I don't want to face a possible penalty for it when it hits so I told him that is all on you. I am secretly hoping they drain his cash just so I can say I told you so
  18. So, from what I gather is that we, ordinary players, can become vigilantes of the old west... We can become... BATMAN!
  19. My friend knew about this and I didn't want to say anything as the trolls would know about it. Well, cat is out of the bag now. Let the griefers have it! LOL!
  20. I have been tempted to reset myself. I am level 39 now I think and that is what is hindering me from doing it but I feel like a fresh start would make me more interested again.
  21. I second the benefits thing. Tell them that your friends are able to do things they shouldn't be because of disconnecting. Make something up. Like they are able to multiply their money or something. Maybe they will take it more seriously if they think it is legit. Hell, go an extra length and post some BS on Reddit, link to it and act like it isn't you. lol
  22. I will make sure not to move your camp again, I apologize. I am joking of course. This is a fan run site and has no affiliation with Rockstar. If you have an issue, you have to take it up with them. Yelling at other players won't help you bro.
  23. Am I the only one struggling to reach 100? I have never seen anyone over 200 let alone 300 but hot damn... Those people must have a lot of free time.
  24. Welcome to the forum NerfThisBabe. I am going to have to shorten your name... Would you rather be called "Babe" or "Nerf"? I have to ask given that I know some people don't like being called "Babe"... Though I would imagine you are okay with it? I am rambling... Had too much caffeine this morning. lol
  25. Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. I spent the most time on these games when it came to N64 so I have to put them at the top of my list.
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