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Howdy Cowpokes...old 'slinger here!


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Hey all,

New joiner to the forums....been gaming for many a year but been mainly focusing on offline between RDR games. Now getting back into a bit of online roaming and pvp on RDR2.

Couple of things about me....

  1. I never shoot other players (first)...but I may wave or nod! (Please don't get itchy on the trigger if you see me approach to say 'Howdy')
  2. I am occasionally useless on a horse so apologies in advance for the many times I may crash into you on co-op missions should we undertake one...it's obviously the fault of the horse!
  3. I'm not a glory hound or showboater....I'm a steady gun so if you want a Doc Holiday to your Wyatt Earp, a Doc Scurlock to your Billy the Kid, a Tucker to your Dale, a Garth to your Wayne.....then I'm your man! Always happy to Posse up and do some Co-Op or stranger missions.
  4. I'm probably on the more senior side of gamers (first machine was an Atari 2600) so I tend to enjoy my gaming with a nice glass of oak aged red in the evening or a nice home brewed coffee in the AM. Unfortunately this style of gaming plays havoc with the ol 'bladder so if you see my (much younger looking) character standing about looking confused....it's probably because I'm off draining the dragon.....so don't shoot me!
  5. I never cheat, use bad language or rage quit....frankly because I don't know how to cheat, I have a 5 month old baby (my own by the way just in case you lot suddenly think...'Child Snatcher') generally sitting on my lap, and I don't know how to switch off my PS4 in a snappy spontaneous manner!
  6. I actually remember watching classic westerns when they first came out.....and I play like it so you may see me sitting on my horse looking whimsically over the valley just like John Wayne in Chisum.....you may also hear the dulcet tones of Willie Nelson coming over your headset when I approach (nothing like a bit of mood music)
  7. As points 1-6 have hopefully demonstrated, I don't take too much seriously in life...especially gaming so I'm looking forward to spending some time chatting and playing online with you all.

Oh and I'm Scottish.....not exactly traditional cowboy material.....but I do wear the boots!


SpeedyBeagle (named after my old dog who in true western fashion is long gone)

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