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Creating a new Char in RDR2 Online Beta


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Hi cowboys n´girls, would like to know if, when i´m making me a new char in RDR2 Online Beta, will i loose all the stuff i bought (with real money (gold) ) ?

Or where will it go ?

Or can i have various chars to play with ?

Will the first one get lost if i create a new one ?

If somebody here knows about this, please let me know it too.

Thanks ;)

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On 12/26/2018 at 8:21 PM, DaveSpeek said:

If you want a second character or a "new" character, you will have to delete the first one which means you will lose everything. There is only one slot for saving a character as of now.

Has anyone mentioned if there will be a second slot open in the future? I don't mind being tied down to one character but I would like to be able to have both a male and female one. 

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I don't know if they'll give us a second slot, but you have to delete your char to make a new one now. You'll lose everything you bought but keep your money and gold. It's actually a farming method to keep doing the story missions and build up your money/gold and then delete and do it all again.

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