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  1. I had issues with my camp disappearing a few days ago and for some reason, it would come and go at different points. I did message Rockstar about it but have yet to hear back.
  2. You do it almost similar to GTA V where you go to the right store/shop and you can see what the items look like on you.
  3. This can somewhat go hand in hand with setting up a shop in your camp to sell items to other players or other gang members. It is an interesting concept and if done right, I would enjoy it.
  4. I noticed that but not right away. Iit isn't like you are looking at people just having a general chat. Most people focus on the gameplay. I actually didn't notice until I was watching a group live stream the game.
  5. That made me legit laugh. Watching how my grandparents are together remind me of this. They are I am sure much older but still, he always teases her and calls her "old lady". She gets so mad too.
  6. I would imagine you are more keen on offline story mode games over online multiplayer games, yeah? What games have you not played yet that would interest you from 2018/2019? I have a hard time recommending games when I don't know which kind are preferred.
  7. A close family friend is 50% Native American. Everything about the history and culture always fascinated me so I second this. Would love some DLC for it all.
  8. I thought this was an option I was missing out on or something. I don't name them but if I could actually give them names in the game, I definitely would. Would be sweet to shoot someone and pick up a weapon named by the player.
  9. I will try this. I was having an issue last night with starting the missions. Very annoying. I am sure Rockstar must be aware of it. Maybe it will be one of the things they are fixing on the 26th.
  10. Funny that, you can apply it to real life not just gaming. lol I personally haven't had a huge issue with griefers. Had a few that bothered me but most will get bored if you ignore them or like you said, just hop off and onto another session.
  11. So the extra XP is based on certain things that you do and not just general double XP for everything?
  12. So this problem is suddenly worse then? I was playing last night and didn't have an issue. I will be playing in a bit. I hope things have been sorted. I only landed on a server maybe 3 times where there were no animals and it hasn't happened in weeks.
  13. It is an issue most people have run into from time to time. It is a server issue of sorts that hasn't been fixed yet. I didn't get a clear answer on why it happens from other players or Rockstar themselves.
  14. I was trying to play these last night and couldn't get them to work. My buddy was with me online. He contacted Rockstar about it. I am going to do the same. Clearly, other people are being affected by it.
  15. I spent the day playing RDR2 after work. I think my time was well spent. Had some Taco Bell for dinner too. I have celebrated the day a handful of times if the gal I am with enjoys it otherwise I don't bother.
  16. Well this depends on how far they would go. Having a hand service you is the cleanest for sure but if you want something more oral which was also common then, you can spread diseases that way.
  17. Trump as president. LOL Seriously, I didn't vote for the dude but he has been the best president we have had in a long time. He doesn't always say things the best way but considering his background and that he is doing better than Obama, Bush, and Clinton combined, hard to ignore it all.
  18. I have no experience with this but this video might help you out fam:
  19. Now I know something I was missing. Looks like I've been a dirty boy and need a bath. LOL! I can't believe I overlooked this. Was it promoted in the story at all?
  20. This is pretty much what I did but I didn't wait 30 seconds. It isn't like a computer. I think this has to deal with save files being glitched. The save file might not be registering that you are actually to the point of being able to enter the wagon and sit. Kind of frustrating but doing this got me out of a lot of jams.
  21. As mentioned, you can do some of the side missions and work to get yourself to 100% completion. I saved a lot of this for after I finished the story just so I had more to do.
  22. I would like to see some bandanna options that have like painted on gang logos or something. I don't care what color they are but I would like to see a bit of gang/posse additions here.
  23. When I did this the first time, I was struggling to find a fish that was that heavy. Would have helped if I knew which fish actually grew large enough lol
  24. Always make sure you hit the head of anything. The disappearing carcasses can be annoying. I noticed that happens more on some servers than others. I am sure they will fix that during the next update they do since a lot of players enjoy hunting.
  25. I will have to put a lot of thought into this. So we have to pick an area within the context of the game's map based on IRL benefits during the time frame the game was set in?
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