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  1. I hear that. I am a lazy SOB when the weather is cold so I need to get out and do things. I need to lose some of this gut I have too. Considering joining a local basketball team this fitness center hosts with a few friends. They play outdoors when weather permits.
  2. Yup. Most. Even if they don't continue to play they will at least be on it for the first few months. I get that though. Having to pay for internet, the game, and then to play the game online is insane.
  3. Eh it depends on who you talk to and what you read. Plenty of RDR super fanboys say/think it will beat out GTA V in sales and overall in quality.
  4. I might snag one just because. It doesn't matter what it comes with. Hoping to get a renovation done late summer if I can get approved for a loan. Going to add on a small room to the house and have it be a gaming area/office.
  5. I'm not exactly a "young gamer" myself here so seeing this kind of support for gamers outside of one's age group is refreshing. You are a cool dude for what you did OP.
  6. Thanks for the head up on the different endings. Had no idea about that. I think I am going to bite the bullet and get it this weekend. I was watching a few guys play it on Twitch the other day and even if I don't like the campaign as much, I think I would have some fun online.
  7. Just go on the ol' google machine, go to images, type in "red dead redemption 2 memes" and go to a more recent time.
  8. My one friend is saying stuff like this. "Just because they gave us a date don't mean %$#@!" Like dude, lighten the heck up. There is almost a 100% guarantee when devs set an official release date.
  9. How is the game going in terms of storyline for those of you who have played? I heard mixed reviews on it. A lot of people say it is very similar to Far Cry 3 and if that is the case, I may not like it.
  10. The memes and such have been bone dry for awhile now. This is likely do to the lack of news we have had on the game. Give it time.
  11. Given what we got in GTA V, some being realistic to others just being insanely unrealistic (driving cars in the sky lol), what do you think they will give us in terms of online mini-games to play with people on the servers? I would like to see some type of horde mini-game. Maybe using animals like big cats, wolves, bears, and so on and you have to fight off waves of them in a small town setting. Just an idea.
  12. I was thinking about this and watching the trailers, looking through the pictures, and I think there is a chance he is in the game. He played a huge role in RDR being the corrupt federal peace that eventually leads to the death of John Marston. There are ties and history between the two which makes me think he will be in RDR2 showing his shady side, possibly working alongside Dutch. Thoughts?
  13. Not sure if this was mentioned on here or not but do you guys think we will have DLC in a drip fashion instead of in large lots? Like instead of giving us something new every 3 months, we will get something new every month, possible every few weeks? I know microtransactions were mentioned so this makes me think they will give us DLC more frequently in smaller doses.
  14. Yeah it will go by fast given that summer always does too so I am not butthurt over it. There will be plenty to keep busy with when the summer is active and alive again too.
  15. Dutch looking over and talking looks like one of those "interactive cutscenes" where you can move around the camera but you are stuck in movement.
  16. The first push back from 2017 was likely down to marketing and wanting to fine tune things. They may have very well wanted to get DLC going straight from the gate so when they start to release it, it would have already been done and tested. This way they can work on their next project with a lot more dedication.
  17. I won't pretend I know how marketing goes for gaming but from what I haven noticed, each dev company is a bit different. Some will let you know months in advance when a game is coming out and others only leave a few weeks or just over one month. I really don't know what they plan on doing for this but like D3x said, they have people watching and waiting already so it isn't like they need to kill themselves with advertising a new game. This plays off the first one.
  18. So there is still no official date for this then huh? If they are planning on Spring, we will have to know soon. A friend of mine has played every single one but I have only played the first one. Depending on the reviews, I may get a copy but this depends on how close the release will be to RDR2.
  19. I actually thought they did have a beta period for GTA V that was open for the online end but thinking back, it was likely for a hired crew like mentioned. I never really put attention on this for any game because I want everything to remain a surprise. Like outside of trailers, I want to experience it myself before I see anyone else experience the game.
  20. So like if I am in the middle of playing and a friend requests to join, they can at any time but if they leave in the middle of the mission, the AI takes back control over the character and just continues?
  21. @DarkSharkhas the right idea I think. Seems like it is back but not back that far. I would peg it to start around 1892 and 1898. Somewhere in there just seems right.
  22. Damn man, he must be on iPhone 127,00 by now! LOL But yeah I have used them a few times and never cared for them. I only ever bought one myself and it was a used one. I ended up going back to Android.
  23. I wasn't bothered by it myself honestly. Like it was slow in the beginning but it did get patched a bit and sped up. Sometimes it sucked (waiting 5+ minutes to get on a server) but most of the time I wasn't bothered. As long as we don't have to wait that long to get online I will be fine.
  24. Dutch looks younger but not THAT younger like you said. So I would say at most, it is 20 years before RDR's story took place. If I had to guess and exact year, I would say 1891. Just have a hunch there.
  25. Hey there, welcome to the forum! Aside from the obvious (RDR/RDR2) what games do you enjoy/are interested in? Which console do you play on?
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